Visual Identity

During the 2018 General Assembly in Amsterdam, Volt launched its new visual identity. One of the key elements of this new identity, which applies to both internal and external communication, is the use of a new logo and a harmonised set of visual guidelines.

In July 2020 additional colours and design elements were developed and published in Volt's pamphlet "Basic Design Elements 2.0" which is available for downloading below.


Volt Purple Logo

The logo consists of the four letters forming Volt. Optionally, the name is surrounded by stars resembling the EU flag. The logo is uni-coloured (purple or white, see below). It is a symbol of the core values Volt stands for: dynamism, pragmatic idealism and integrity.


The colour scheme is based on Volt's purple and white.

  • Hex/HTML: #502379
  • RGB: 80 35 121
  • CMYK: 82 98 0 12
  • Pantone: 268 C

Additional colours are to be used for special purposes. These are:

Electric Yellow: The yellow stands for the energy we need for the changes and it is also a strong yellow for the power of the people that wants to work for a better europe. It shines for the positivity that Volts want to spread:

  • CMYK: 5 30 80 0
  • RGB: 240 183 76
  • HEX/HTML: #F0B74C
  • Pantone: 143 C

Soothing Cyan: The cyan symbolises serene tranquility, a calming energy inspiring stability and creativity. Such is the Europe we desire: a beacon of empathy in times of chaos, going beyond the status quo to create a safe home for all:

  • CMYK: 50 15 20 0
  • RGB: 140 185 199
  • HEX/HTML: 8CB9C7
  • Pantone: 550 C

Renewable Green: The green symbolises sustainability and the environment. It is nurturing, empowering us to grow, renew and heal not just ourselves but also our planet. To help nature return to balance and protect it for the future:

  • CMYK: 50 10 88 0
  • RGB: 136 176 75
  • HEX/HTML: #88B04B
  • Pantone: 15-0343 TCX (Greenery)


  • CMYK: 0 0 0 0
  • RGB: 255 255 255


  • CMYK: 0 0 0 20
  • RGB: 218 218 218

Black (95 %):

  • CMYK: 0 0 0 95
  • RGB: 13 13 13
  • HEX/HTML: #0D0D0D


The visual identity also features lines and rectangular shapes, which are to be arranged preferably in an upwards-pointing 21° angle. Additional permitted angles, although for special cases only, are 5° and 55°. Such design elements can be solid colour (Volt Purple, see above) or transparent (10% oder 70%).


A well-layouted text should be structured, easy to read and „inviting“, which means that it should motivate the audience to actually read the information. By using only one font, texts can feel rather monotonous since everything looks the same. And monotone texts are not very inviting just by looking at it. That‘s where a second font comes in handy.

The goal is to archive a certain contrast between headlines and paragraphs. It helps the reader to quickly recognize the importance and hierarchy of each text-element. Also, a paragraph-font has different needs than a headline. It needs to be easy to read, while a headline can be more on the decorative side.

And there is a third font that acts like a „disturber“ to attract additional attention, for example when you have a button or a „call to action“.

  • Headlines and Subheadlines: Ubuntu
  • Paragraphs: Roboto Slab
  • Calls to Action: Lobster

For further information please consult the pamphlet "Basic Design Elements 2.0" available for download below


This website allows you to download different language versions of the logo in various formats.

Should you have any questions or inquiries about this subject, please contact

Terms of use of Volt's logo

Volt's logo is intended for use on Volt’s own documents, or documents distributed with its authorization. We do not accept unauthorized usage of Volt's logo for documents that are purposefully misrepresenting Volt's positions or maliciously undermining Volt's integrity and legitimacy. 

The use of Volt's logo is allowed unless

  • (a) the use creates the incorrect impression or assumption that there is a connection between the user and Volt;
  • (b) the use leads the public to believe erroneously that the user benefits from the endorsement, support, sponsorship, approval or consent of Volt;
  • (c) the use is in connection with any objective or activity which is incompatible with the aims and
    principles of Volt
  • (d) the use is in connection with illegal activities.

In other words, news organisations and outlets that want to report about Volt are free to use the logo as it is, as long as it complies with the terms of use outlined on this page. Non-governmental and civil society organisations and political entities that cooperate with Volt are free to use the logo within the scope of that cooperation, but shall consult with the Volt members in charge of said cooperation. 

The use of the logo shall not imply Volt's agreement to such use nor shall it imply any endorsement or sponsorship by Volt of such use.

In all cases, Volt reserves the right to prohibit the use of its logo in any circumstances where this use might be harmful to it or of an inappropriate nature. Volt’s logo is a protected original work. It may not be registered as a trademark or for any other purpose. The use of the logo by third parties, even with Volt’s consent, does not confer any rights over the logo.

The use of the logo for commercial purposes requires special consent by Volt. Should you have any questions or inquiries about this subject, please contact