Open Positions at Volt Europa

Volt is a volunteer-driven organisation and these positions are open on a voluntary basis. Are you looking for an exciting internship, shaping the future of Europe? Discover more about our internship programme or check out some of the entry-level vacancies down below.





Communications Co-Lead (f/d)

You will coordinate Volt Europa's Communications team to ensure our message reaches the right people through the right medium.

Communications Team Member (f/d/m)

The achievement of Volt’s mission is highly dependent on effective communication. It is through effective communication that new members and potential voters get to know our movement and what we stand for. Do you want to become our team member?

Media Relations Co-Lead

You will work with your co-lead and the rest of the EUR Media Relations team to ensure a steady flow of news coverage of Volt.

Political Positioning Lead

You will be responsible for formulating rapid reactions to current affairs.

Opinion piece writer

You will be responsible for writing timely and effective opinion pieces that help bring Volt’s positions into major publication.

Graphic Designer

As a designer, you will need to work on brand identity and ensure our design is consistent and innovative.

Discord Team Member

We are looking for talented Discord team members to help improve our pan-European Discord server with more than 10 000 members.

Social Media Coordinator

You will work on defining our content calendar and ensure a consistent tone of voice and messaging across all channels.

Social Media Strategist

You will work on implementing our digital marketing strategy and analyse our performance. You will also manage a team of content creators to ensure on-point communications.

Merchandise Co-Lead

The Merchandise team focuses on the creation and design of sustainable Volt merchandising. 



Data Analytics




EUR General Assembly Co-Coordinator (female / male / diverse)

Our EUR General Assembly Co-Coordinators are responsible for coordinating and organizing the large scale (digital and physical) European General Assemblies by providing the necessary support from the European level.

General Assembly Team Member(female/male/diverse)

The Champion General Assembly (f/d/m) is part of the EUR Events Team and supports the preparation of the General Assemblies. 

Meet Volt Europa Organiser (female/diverse/male)

Meet Volt Organiser coordinate and support the organisation of the monthly event. You will take over tasks that you are passionate about (think about current topics and create a program, find and approach interesting speakers, onboard speakers, coordinate the individual tasks, recruit more MVE Organisers).

Event Advertisement Lead (f/d/m)

The Event Advertisement Lead (f/d/m) is part of the EUR Events Team and is responsible for promoting the events of the EUR Events team both internally and externally.

Spontaneous Events Lead (f/d/m)

The Spontaneous Events Lead (f/d/m) is part of the EUR Events Team and is the main contact person for people that are approaching the EUR Events Team for setting up spontaneous (mostly digital) events.

Events Team Member (female/diverse/male)

The events team is a creative and organising team that ensures the success of campaigns and our pan-European events from all corners of Europe. The Events team is involved in organizing for example our General Assemblies (GAs) and in supervising and coordinating projects in close collaboration with national chapters to connect and collaborate throughout our movement. Do you want to become our team member?

Champion Events (female/male/diverse)

Take over tasks that you are very passionate about and that really suit you best (Coordinating own events or Supporting the preparation of Pan-European Events or the GA or Maintaining an overview of all European Events or Collaborating with national chapters or Supporting the creation of an Events Handbook or …).



Finance and Fundraising


Internal Commissions






Policy and ECIs


Tech and IT