Volt is a pan-European, progressive movement that is bringing a grassroots and truly inclusive approach to politics in the European Union! A citizens-centric movement, committed to bringing forth real change for the betterment of all European societies, its citizens and residents. 

Through a grassroots approach to politics, and the collective action of our members (Volters), our aim is to change and shape politics from a local level to regional, national and European level.

Populist and nationalist movements are endangering the values - justice, equal opportunities for all, human dignity, liberty, sustainability and solidarity - that have shaped our societies. Traditional political parties, have been incapable of tackling long-standing issues - such as climate change, economic inequality, disorderly migration, terrorism, amongst many others - because they focus on national solutions, that vary from state to state, instead of having one common European vision! 

As a people-powered movement, we are committed to empowering citizens to take action and shape the future of our societies.  We are the first pan-European movement, bringing new energy to politics, through a single political platform across Europe, developing policies using evidence, best practices and value checks!


Tomorrow's politics, today.



In 2016, after  several waves of financial & political turmoil, economic hardship across the EU, and a trend of right-wing populist uprisings in our continent BREXIT claimed a space in Europe political landscape. After BREXIT, citizens were concerned by the increasingly divisive and destructive trend in politics. The risk of being taken back to the chaos of the past, by rising nationalist movements, was ever more present. Due to this worrisome development, people from across Europe came together and created Volt! Without any money, or established and known political figures, citizens across Europe created Volt with two powerful ideas in mind:

1. Changing the way of doing politics! Bringing a grassroots and community organised approach to politics! 

2. Changing the future of Europe. Bringing about real reform, supported by evidence and best practices; Not through dogmas or political affiliations!

Today, Volt counts with more than 15 thousand supporters across Europe! We are active in 32 countries, with more than 300 local teams, and 10 established national parties in European member states! 


Volt aims to shape European politics at all levels of European politics. We will shape politics at a local, national and European level.

To do this, we have founded - and will continue to found - political parties in different European member states, to run for elections at a local, national and European level. This parties will run under the same set of values, political guidelines, and objective.


Our first major political objective are the May 2019 European Parliament elections. Our goal is to run in at least 7 member states, and win 25 MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) seats across these countries. Having 25 Volt MEPs in the European Parliament, will allow us to form the first genuinely united and transnational party in our continent. An achievement that no other political party has fulfilled or managed to create.

After the 2019 European Elections, we will continue our efforts to campaign at local and national levels, working towards reaching common European solutions, starting from a local to the European sphere! 

Talk to us! Feedback, ideas, and policy proposals are welcome