Volt is a pan-European, progressive movement that stands for a new and inclusive way of doing politics and that wants to bring real change to all European citizens. A new pan-European approach is needed to overcome current and future challenges, such as - among many others - climate change, economic inequality, migration, international conflict, terrorism, and the impact of the technological revolution on our jobs. National parties are powerless in front of these challenges, because they go beyond national borders and need to be tackled by us as Europeans, as one people. As a transnational party, we believe we can help the European people unite, create a shared vision and understanding, exchange good practices across the continent, and come up with policies together.

A new way of doing politics, for a new millennium.


The inspiration to start this movement came with the Brexit and the gloomy trends of 2016. Shocked by what was happening across the continent and the lacking reaction, Andrea Venzon, a young Italian who was not active in politics before, gathered a group of like-minded people and started the discussion about what was to be done. On March 29, 2017, when article 50 was triggered, the group set up a first Facebook page and started challenging the status quo. Without funds, big names, or political endorsements, Volt has now grown into a political movement with hundreds of members in almost every European country. Volt was started because reactionary and populist tendencies are threatening the values our members believe in and because traditional political factions fail to provide attractive and pragmatic answers to the challenges of our time.


Volt is setting up political parties in different European countries to run for elections at European, national, and local level with the same values, political guidelines, and objectives. Our first political target are the European elections of 2019 and we aim to run for these elections out of at least seven European countries. Why seven? Because if the movement manages to elect 25 MEPs out of seven European countries, it will be able to form the first united and transnational party in the European Parliament - something that no one has ever achieved in the history of this continent! After the European elections, Volt will start campaigning also for national and local elections, all-over the continent and beyond!

Talk to us! Feedback, ideas, and policy proposals are welcome