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Current status: 36.000 € (36,0%) of 100.000 € pledged

Bring Volt Europa to the next level

Our movement is constantly evolving and growing across Europe. 

Only a few years ago, we were just a few people across the continent dreaming about changing Europe: today, we have elected officials in the European Parliament, in city and district councils across Germany, Italy and Bulgaria and we recently gained three seats in the Dutch National Parliament.

But this is only the beginning! 

Together we can build a more ambitious vision for Europe and it all starts with people just like you.

The first 50.000€ will be matched! 

Large donors have pledged to match 50.000 € in small donations, therefore every small donation counts.

As a thank you for your support, our Presidents Valerie and Reinier will send five lucky donors one of their favourite books.

Donate to support our growing team - 72.000 €

Your donation will help us create full-time positions for ambitious people that will help the team define our strategy for the years to come!

We hope to establish a team of five dedicated people by January 2022, to support our volunteers at the local, national and European level.

Volt volunteers

Donate to support our
volunteers - 18. 000 €

Our volunteers are the heart of our political movement: to help them connect with each other, we need a fully-functioning legal, IT and administrative infrastructure.

Your donation will support our day-to-day activities, such as the maintenance of the platform that keeps us all connected.

Volt team Stuttgart 2

Donate to spread Volt’s message - 10.000 €

Even before the pandemic, the political debate was already moving online: social media have the power to give everybody a platform to share their thoughts and ideas to build a better Europe together.

Your donation will support our digital campaigns and will help us convince more and more people to #voteVolt.

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Donate your time and join thousands of volunteers who are already helping us bring our vision to life!