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2022 has been yet another successful year for Volt Europa. During this year, our membership has grown exponentially to over 23 000 members and we are proud to now boast around 110 officials elected at the European, national, and local levels.

We organised our biggest ever General Assembly in Prague, with the biggest ever pro-European march ever held in Czech history.

These promising developments would not have been possible without your unwavering support and commitment to our mission. To continue making our voice heard on the European stage and work towards electoral success in 2024 we need your help.

In 2023, we will focus our efforts on the preparation of the 2024 European Parliament elections. Our goal is to win 25 seats in the European Parliament in order to establish our own parliamentary group and be clearly heard on the European scene.

Now, more than ever, we need a strong and cohesive European Union to tackle the shared challenges of today. With your support, we can achieve more, and work even harder to build a more democratic, more transparent and more ambitious EU. 

Every donation - big or small - matters. You are not just making a donation, you are making a difference!

What your donation will be used for:

  • hiring employees on a full time basis at the European level to further professionalise our organisation and coordinate the work of many volunteers
  • hiring employees on a full time basis at the national level to manage our campaigns for the European elections
  • continuing to train members from underrepresented groups to ensure a more representative composition of the European parliament in terms of gender, origin, sexual orientation, and many other factors
  • further developing our online and offline political communication to reach more potential voters.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to support Volt but I can’t make a donation. What can I do?

Donate your time and talents: join our team of over 16 000 members, who are already working to bring our vision to life. If you want to create lasting change in politics, we need your voice and skills to make this happen.

What is Volt Europa's transparency policy?

If you donate more than 3000 € within a year, we will disclose your identity, provided you give us your explicit consent. If you refuse, the total amount of your donation will be returned to you. Learn more about our donation policy.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Your donation may well be tax deductible within your national jurisdiction. We are working on an overview of where this is possible, but if you think it is we'd be happy to help - just reach out to