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In six years, Volt has grown into a pan-European movement with more than 20.000 members and over 110 elected representatives working everyday at all levels of politics to build a fairer, greener and more transparent society.

In Isernia, we secured funding to offer up to three free therapy sessions to high school students. In the Netherlands, our Parliamentary Faction worked hard to allocate €100 million for free school meals for children in need. And in the European Parliament, we played a key role in redirecting Covid-19 European funds to sustainable initiatives.

Our work across Europe in the last six years has reinforced our belief that we cannot solve the challenges of today from within the borders of our countries

Thousands of people across Europe are already standing up for a new way of doing politics by trusting us with their vote. However, our movement needs stability to grow and drive even more meaningful reforms.

If you believe in a more sustainable Europe that tackles cross-border challenges together, please consider donating €10 to our movement: even the smallest gift can take us a step closer to become a Europarty and fight for your concerns on the European political arena.

The invasion of Ukraine, the inhumane treatment of migrants and the critical race against climate change are only a few of the challenges that we can only solve together through cooperation, solidarity and knowledge sharing.

Donate today and join thousands of people like you believing we can make politics more democratic, ethical and sustainable!

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about donations Volt receives


Why do you receive donations?

The great challenges of the 21st century like migration, climate change and security go beyond national boundaries. That is why we need one European parliamentary democracy. As the first pan-European political movement, Volt is in the position to create this change. People that donate to us believe in this vision and want to enable us to achieve it. 

We are very grateful for this support, since it enables us to drive the change we want to see in society.

Are you open about the donations you receive?

Volt Europa takes transparency extremely seriously. Therefore, we made the decision of declaring Volt Europa values transparency. Therefore, we made the decision of declaring on our websites all our financial backers and supporters that have donated more than €3000 in a calendar year. Any donor fitting these requirements will be asked for their explicit consent to appear on our website: should they refuse, the total amount of their donation will be returned. Learn more about our donation policy and read our yearly financial report. 

What is the money used for?

It's difficult to launch a new political movement simultaneously in every EU Member State. Volt Europa is primarily run by volunteers, but in order to advance and become more relevant, we need to grow and professionalise our activities. Therefore, the majority of funding goes towards hiring full-time employees. These professionals will, for example, handle our communications, plan our pan-European electoral campaign, and bring Volt to all corners of the European continent.

Questions about your donation


Why do people donate and what do donors get in return for their donation?

Our donors are passionate about solving the challenges of today’s society. This is what matters to them the most and that’s why they donate to Volt Europa. In addition, donors receive updates about a couple of times per year on how Volt is developing. 

If they are interested, donors can also become part of our informal European network of people who support Volt financially. Sometimes we hold events for this network of people to inspire, connect and exchange thoughts with like-minded Europeans.

What influence do donors have on your policies?

Donors do not influence our policies. Only our members have the right to co-create and vote on Volt’s policies. We are a grassroots movement and our members create and take the most important decisions. We strongly believe in making space for our members to share their voices and opinions; that’s why we are launching a massive co-creation effort with thousands of volunteers from all across Europe to develop our programme for the European elections. More information is coming soon!

Do major donors have more access to Volt representatives?

No, sometimes we organise events for Volters to give them an opportunity to engage and interact with representatives for Volt and we organise similar events for donors. Therefore, major donors do not have more access to elected representatives, compared to any other member of Volt. 

Is my donation tax deductible?

Your donation may be tax deductible depending on your national jurisdiction. We are working on an overview of where this is possible, but in the meantime we are happy to help you figure this out. Please, reach out to

I made a donation but I want to do more to support Volt. What can I do?

We thank you for your willingness to support us! Donate your time and talents and join our team of over 16 000 members, who are already working to bring our vision to life. Check out our volunteering opportunities!