Volt’s way of doing Politics team positions

Volt is a volunteer-driven organisation and this is an open member position on a voluntary basis.

  • Do you want to empower teams across Europe to have an impact on their local communities? 
  • Do you want to make sure that best practices benefit all Volt teams and not only a few? 
  • This is your opportunity to be part of shaping the core idea of how Volt wants to do and shape politics as a movement. 
  • Work closely with the COFE team to make the Conference on the Future of Europe a success
  • Hours:  5 hrs per week

The Volt’s way of doing politics framework aims at empowering Volt team across Europe, to bring change to their communities, even when we have no elected officials in the local institutions. It was conceptualised on the principles of Community Organizing. Empowering people means providing them with the necessary tools so they can engage in new challenges in the face of the unknown.

You can become part of the team to support this framework in 2 roles” 

  1. Mentor: you will work in close contact with different local teams and empower them to achieve important milestones for them and their local communities.
  2. Framework facilitator: you will work at the center of the Volt’s Way of doing Politics framework, hence enabling teams in the future to profit from past experiences.

Application & further info: 

Please join the Resource group "Volts way of doing politics" on Workplace and familiarise yourself with the process and output so far.

In case of any questions or if you want to apply please contact the co-leads; Emil Criscione and Sasha Steffens