Volt Launches its Campaign at Paris Summit - Press Release

Paris – Volt, the first progressive pan-European political movement, held its largest summit yet in Paris over the weekend to launch its 365-days campaign for the 2019 European election.

At the gathering, more than 200 members from all across the continent jointly determined the movement’s strategy for the campaign, decided on the process to select candidates over the summer, voted on its policy program, and spread around the city to train volunteers.

Paris marks the coming-of age for our young movement - we have a clear vision and we know what we need to do,” said Andrea Venzon, Volt’s founder and president. “With one year to go until the elections, we are ready to take on the established parties all over Europe and transform the way politics is done.

Volt has already formed national parties in several members states of the European Union, including Germany, Bulgaria, and Belgium, which will run in the elections. It aims to secure a sufficient number of votes in at least seven countries in order to be able to form a bloc in the European Parliament.

Volt was founded in March 2017, the day Brexit was announced, by a small group of young people with the goal to build the first real pan-European party. The movement aims to build a truly democratic, united Europe that values its citizens and enables them to become part of the solution to the challenges they face - a Europe where municipalities, regions and states work together to ensure equal opportunities and improve living standards for everyone.

Since then, the movement has grown to more than 4.000 people from all ages and professional backgrounds and tens of thousands of supporters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It now covers 25 European countries, with teams in around 100 cities. This year’s General Assembly will be held on October 20-21 in Amsterdam.