Volunteer Expansion Co-Lead (Male/Diverse)

Purpose of the Expansion team

The European Expansion team focuses on expanding the Volt organisation, its resources and presence. Volt Europa needs to grow in a number of different chapters before the European elections in 2024, and what you will be focussed on is doing so within specific chapters.

Purpose of the position  

The Expansion co-lead inspires by connecting and motivating Volt members to create a united European community that constructively and strategically, effectively and efficiently realizes growth for the Volt organization. The role entails co-managing a team that supports Volt Europa by creating and supporting national teams all over Europe in order to expand our movement, its resources and its presence.

What's waiting for you

  • You will collaborate with and assist national teams to further develop and grow (20% of time spent).
  • You will manage the EUR Expansion team (50% of time spent).
  • You will create and implement our strategy for growth (30% of time spent).

Reporting to: European Board

Working together with: General Secretary Office and many motivated volunteers 

Hours: approx. 12 hrs per week, flexible schedule 

Location: no particular location is required

Time limit: open for applications up to 13th of April 2023

Benefits & advantages

You are working with highly motivated people from various backgrounds while you are also encouraged to take the initiative and adopt responsibility from day one. Moreover, you are a crucial player in bringing Volt Europa forward and contribute to the growth of the party.  


  • You know how to develop and implement expansion strategies in order to scale-up small organizations. 
  • You know how to manage and motivate a team of expansion volunteers
  • You are solution oriented and are able to give others the skills to solve problems.
  • You are organized and self-reliant: you can manage a budget and report on growth metrics to track progress and identify areas of improvement. 
  • You are able to manage different stakeholders to ensure alignment and coordination of efforts. 

Volt Europa has resolved to have all its teams be led by gender-balanced co-leads. This vacancy is for the male/diverse co-lead position.  You are invited to apply! It does not matter what the color of your skin is, whether you have a disability, who you love, what your faith is. We believe the power of diversity achieves better results for our society at large. We can only be the inclusive political movement we aspire to be, if we represent different voices and perspectives in our society.

How to apply

Please fill in this google form, by 13 April 2023. This form includes five open questions we would like you to answer and an upload place for your CV.

Competencies Questions

These questions are to replace a motivation letter.  Please note that we may still invite you to an interview even if there are questions that you cannot answer, so please try to include relevant answers for the role described above. Please answer these questions in the google form.

  1. What strategies have you previously used to expand and grow an organization's membership base? How did you measure the success of those strategies, and what areas did you identify for improvement?
  2. How do you go about working with volunteers? Can you give an example of when you achieved results in a volunteer environment?  
  3. Can you give a relevant example of when you empowered someone else to solve a problem? 
  4. Can you give an example of when you successfully managed a project on a small budget? How did you go about tracking progress? 
  5. Use case: A Volt chapter has a division of two different mindsets of the future of that chapter. One part of the team is eager to run for the elections, while the other part of the team talks about the dangers of running and does not want to run at all. How would you manage this team? What are the options you would provide for this team? 
  6. Please upload your CV.

Contact details 

Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to Marra van der Kubbe (marra.vanderkubbe@volteuropa.org).