Tech co-lead (female/diverse or male on interim basis)

Hours: approx. 10-15 hrs per week, flexible schedule

Location: no particular location is required

At Volt we actively strive for gender balanced teams. We are looking for a female or diverse Tech co-lead. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful to recruit and appoint a female or diverse candidate, therefore we are opening this position to male candidates as well, but on an interim basis.

As a Tech co-lead you will be reporting to the general secretary office and be involved in the following tasks:

  • You will be in charge of developing a centralised IT infrastructure (35% of time spent).
  • You will be responsible for implementing a sustainability plan and building up Volt’s team capacity (30% of time spent).
  • You will coordinate with national Tech leads to align and solve any arising matters (35% of time spent).

Purpose of the Tech team:

The Tech team supports the development and maintenance of our general IT infrastructure in close coordination with national teams. Through this, the overall strategic objectives of our movement are translated into concrete action.

Purpose of the position:

The Tech co-leads are responsible for building and managing the European Tech team. This role entails auditing the performance and security of core systems as well as providing tech-related requirements. Additionally, the co-leads coordinate with national teams, advance the development of our systems landscape and provide assistance to our members for tech-related issues.

Benefits & advantages:

You are working with highly motivated people from various backgrounds. You are encouraged to take the initiative and adopt responsibility from day one. Moreover, you are a crucial player in bringing Volt Europa forward and contribute to the growth of the party.

What we are looking for   

Experience & Skills: 

  • English language fluency (written and spoken)
  • Working experience in IT & knowledge of technical management, information analysis and computer hardware/software systems
  • Expertise in data centre management and data governance
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving aptitude
  • Leadership skills
  • Project management experience (optional)
  • Volt experience (optional)

Apply now:

Please send an email to Reinier van Lanschot (, Thor Larholm ( and the General Secretary Office ( by 30 June 2022 with your CV and motivation letter (maximum one page).

Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to José Abellan ( and Derhen Coulomb ( 

We kindly request our candidates to be members of their national chapters when applying for a leadership position at Volt Europa.