Policy Co-Lead

We are looking for a female/diverse Co-Lead.

Key facts:

  • Reporting to: The European board
  • Hours:  10-15 hrs per week
  • Location: no particular location is required

The position

Ensure the development of European policies, positions and programmes and support national policy teams. The European policy team consists of the process, database, events and editorial review leads and up to 12 facilitators each representing one of the 5+1 Challenges: Smart State, Economic Renaissance, Social Equality, Global Balance, Citizen Empowerment, EU Reform. The team is supported by our group of interns.

Key responsibilities & duties:

Responsible for the work of the European policy team, for coordination of Challenge facilitators and for communication with and supporting national policy teams.

Tasks and Competencies:

  • Responsible for the work of the European Policy team and for ensuring a coherent political vision and development of European policies/positions/programmes. Coordinate Challenge facilitators and set team goals. Organise and lead team calls. Support and build the team, policy process and any interim processes. (60% of time spent)
  • Ensure regular communication with National policy leads and provide support when needed (including creation of support material). (20% of time spent)
  • Represent the European policy team in discussions with the Board and other teams(20% of time spent)

Must have:

  • Leadership skills.  
  • Team oriented approach. 
  • Project management and organisational skills. 
  • Available to regularly answer messages and calls.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Organisational and communication skills. 
  • Ability to work well in a team and seek consensus

Work experience and skills (optional) 

  • Prior experience of working in an office/within a team
  • Experience in leading a team

Optional (but preferred)

  • Experience in building teams
  • Prior experience in policy teams in Volt


Please fill in this webform: https://forms.gle/nsyqk8Z648faZ2YLA by 30 April 2022.