Media Relations Co-Lead

About the position:

You will work with your co-lead and the rest of the EUR Media Relations team to ensure a steady flow of news coverage of Volt, mainly at a European level but also at national and local levels, that will help attract new members and win votes. You will be responsible for setting priorities and goals, and you will be responsible for assigning tasks and resources necessary for fulfilling that goal.

What you will do:

  • Identify opportunities to gain helpful media coverage
  • Make and implement plans to seize these opportunities
  • Help write communication documents such as press releases and media briefings
  • Chair team meetings, reviewing goals and progress made

What you should bring to the job:

  • At least 2 years of experience in Journalism or Public Relations
  • Some experience leading a project or team
  • The ability to identify communications opportunities and risks
  • The ability to set and meet specific goals
  • 5-10 hours that you can invest every week
  • A realistic sense of how much time and energy you can invest (don’t burn yourself out!)

Interested candidates can apply by sending their CV and a short cover letter to