Governance Commission Officer

Purpose of the team

In order to ensure the sustainable and coherent growth, not only in numbers but also political impact, necessary to enable us to achieve our long-term goals, the EUR Governance Commission will take on the organizational development of Volt Europa. We are working closely with a wide range of functional teams on different levels and important stakeholders all across the movement. 

Purpose of the position

As part of one of the Governance Commission workstreams you have the opportunity to work on some of the most urgent topics in the organisational structure of Volt Europa. The immediate priorities will be to work on statute amendments, develop a governance framework for the electoral committee, and work on our internal regulations.

Experience and skills

  • Fundamental understanding of Volt’s organisation, vision and
    internal processes 
  • Expertise and experience in the fields of international organisations, association law, finance regulation or any other relevant field
  • Pragmatic and creative thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Able to engage in open-ended discussions 
  • Sensitivity to the political nature of our work

What we offer

  • Working with a great team of committed Volters 
  • Working with all organisational (local, national, European) and functional levels of Volt
  • The possibility to gain generalist expertise in various fields related to legal, financial and organisational aspects of international associations

Our Workstreams & Timeline

  • Revise the current Statutes of Volt Europa AISBL, including the way we elect our Board, how we manage our General Assemblies and our financial regulations
  • Inquire about the way the institutions of Volt work together across the different levels and develop the organisation accordingly
  • Further develop the Policy Process, especially the option of a Delegate Assembly voting on Policies

Some urgent topics regarding the Statutes have to be finished in advance by the beginning of April 2022 for the May 2022 General Assembly.

How to apply

Please send a short email to with your background, expertise and motivation to apply by 18 September 2022.

Contact Details

Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to Jeffrey Ludwig or Bernadette Jaegers at