Academy Co-lead (Male / Diverse)

Do you want to have a leading role in getting our candidates ready for the European Elections in 2024?
You will be responsible for supporting and growing the European Run4Volt training team for Volt European Parliament candidates and members across Europe (40% of time spent).
You will network with the national chapters and academies/training teams so that they can deliver a coherent Run4Volt training program for our 2024 candidates (30% of time spent).
You will coordinate and develop an expert pool that connects Volters and external EU experts with 1) Academy training programs and 2) other expertise needs of functional teams in Volt, enabling them to share their valuable expertise and help Volt professionalise (40% of time spent).

Purpose of Academy

The European Academy team has an important role in getting our candidates ready for the European elections. We also expect to grow, and need to help our community and leaders to professionalise through targeted training and e-learning modules. Academy will provide training and other capacity development support to  candidates and leaders within the movement. We need to develop a range of training courses, and aim to make these accessible across Europe (e-learning/language options). This is done in collaboration with National Teams and their Academies/Training hubs, as well as in coordination with other European Functional Teams, like Community and Expansion. Last but not least, the Academy is working on the development of an expert (trainers) pool, so that our training programs and master classes can benefit from experienced Volters as well as external EU experts. The development of an expert (trainers) pool will be done in collaboration with the General Support Office, and the Member Management Systems project (training on MMS, onboarding, community organising).

Purpose of the position

The Academy co-leads are responsible for coordinating training and workshops for all Volt candidates, leaders and members/volunteers, with a special focus on delivering a comprehensive Run4Volt training program for the 2024 election candidates. You will also grow other training programs and establish teams to deliver them (e.g. community organising). Additionally, the co-leads are responsible for developing an expert (trainers) pool that makes valuable Volt experts/trainers easily accessible to all teams. Crucially, this role entails coordinating and networking with National Volt Academy teams and Chapters.

Benefits & advantages

You are working with highly motivated people from various backgrounds. You are encouraged to take initiative and responsibility from day one. Moreover, you are a crucial player in bringing Volt Europa forward and getting the party ready for the European Elections 2024. 

Experience & Skills


  • English language fluency (written and spoken)
  • High level management and organisational skills
  • Good networker and motivator of volunteers

Helpful - can be developed on the job:

  • Experience with adult learning and development 
  • Experience with online, peer-to-peer and self paced learning systems
  • Experience with co-creation processes of training content
  • High attention to details 
  • Can do attitude

Volt Europa has resolved to have all its teams be led by gender-balanced co-leads. This vacancy is for the male/diverse co-lead position.

Reporting to: European General Secretary and European Board

Working together with: Run4Volt team, EU knowledge hub, community organisation team (set-up), national Academies and many motivated volunteers

Hours: approx. 10 hrs per week, flexible schedule

Location: no particular location is required

How to apply

Please send an email to Reinier van Lanshot (, Lucia Nass ( and the General Secretary Office ( with your CV and motivation letter (maximum one page) by 13 May 2022.

Contact details 

Would you like further information regarding this role? Please contact the current Academy lead, Anita Seprenyi (