Community Co-Lead – Focus: Diversity – (d/m/f) 

Purpose of the Community Team:

The vision of the European community team is „to build a European society of dignity, equality and fairness by guiding our community members to yearn to fulfil their vast potential and contribute it towards our shared future.“ With this in mind, the European Community Team is responsible for strengthening Volt's inclusive DNA and empowering our members and supporters to contribute to our common cause according to their strengths.

Purpose of the position:

Within the Community team this third Co-Lead position is responsible to foster systemic inclusion and harness the full potential of every individual. We are looking for someone who has “walked in the shoes” and knows what it feels like to act in and overcome a discriminatory environment and bring this experience into Volt. One of the major tasks is to guide various lead positions of Volt throughout Europe on how to embrace and empower diversity within Volt and how to bring it into the middle of our movement. We are looking for a third Co-Lead of our EUR Community Team to fill this position. 

What’s waiting for you: 

  • You make Volt’s pledge for a systemically Inclusive Europa  a reality within Volt across Europe by establishing a network of learning and experience sharing – especially for all lead positions within Volt. 
  • You are the go-to person on diversity and inclusion topics within Volt and advise various teams on practices they can include in their day-to-day work. 
  • You act through others – by showing leads how to approach diversity and inclusion topics and how Volt will benefit from it. 
  • You support all diversity / community groups within Volt to ensure that they are heard, listened to and consulted in all topics that are relevant to them #nothingaboutuswithoutus

What competencies you should have:

  • A “diverse” background (e.g. underrepresented group or community) that helps you to feel, relate to, understand and overcome the struggles you encounter and empower others to do the same.
  • Considerable understanding of principles, practices, and issues related to diversity and inclusion (e.g. building up teams and networks, advising people in leadership positions on diversity, guiding people through tough situations, etc.) 
  • Efficiently lead and guide diversity and inclusion initiatives and strategies for the Volt community.
  • Capacity for addressing trauma in different communities to create safe spaces for healing and for making people's voices heard.
  • Brilliant listening skills and excellent communication skills.
  • Conflict resolution skills, empowering people in the workplace. 
  • Multilingual (preferred) 

What’s in it for you: 

You will be working with motivated and dedicated people from various backgrounds. You are encouraged to develop your own ideas and initiatives. Moreover, you are a crucial player in bringing Volt Europa forward and contributing to the growth of the movement. 

How to apply:

For further questions feel free to reach out to the GSO Liping Oerlemans (, Anna Gvelesiani ( or Sven Damm ( If you would like to get involved, send us your short application (CV & motivation letter in one PDF). We are looking forward to your application.