Tech co-leads

We are looking for a male, male/female/non-binary and female co-leads.

Volt is a volunteer-driven organisation and this is an open member position on a voluntary basis.

  • Reporting to Lennard Everwien
  • Accountable board members are Mihaela Siritanu & Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño
  • Hours:  10-15 hrs per week
  • Location: no particular location is required
  • Time limit for sending the applications: 29th of June 2020

Purpose of the position:

The purpose of the tech co-leads is the creation and management of a team, which supports the development and maintenance of our general IT infrastructure. The co-leads enable close coordination with national teams and translate our overall strategic objectives of our movement into concrete action.

Key responsibilities & duties 

  • Build & manage the EUR Tech Team
  • Audit core systems performance and security
  • Collect tech-related requirements and coordinate with national teams
  • Advance the development of our systems landscape
  • Provide assistance to our members for tech-related issues

Tasks and Competencies:

  • Development of a centralised IT infrastructure (35% of time spent)
  • Sustainability plan and team  capacity building ( 30% of time spent) 
  • Coordination  with national tech teams to align and solve any arising matters (35% of time spent)

Experience and skills:

Good command of english language, other languages are an asset
High motivational level to work for the European Level
Organisational talent, maintaining structures, practical thinking

Must have:

  • Proven working experience in IT & knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/ software systems
  • Expertise in data centre management and data governance
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving aptitude
  • Leadership skills


  • Project management experience
  • Volt experience


Please send an email to and with your CV &  motivation letter (maximum one page) outlining why you are suitable for this role and what  would like to achieve.

Contact details: Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to Mihaela and Lennard.