Tech Team Hero
(volunteering role)

We are looking for talented people to support our multiple sub-teams
for Tech. We have namely five sub-teams:

● Volt Core ( & Tusker)
● Website
● Tech Innovation
● Infrastructure & Security
● Helpdesk

We have hugely ambitious goals for tech in the coming year(s) and we
will need all the support we can get to reach these goals!

About the position:

You will work closely with one of the tech sub-team leads to support
them in their objectives.

We have a vast range of options depending on your personal
preferences (coding, strategising, gathering requirements… you name
it!) and we are sure you will find a spot that suits your personal skillset!

You will:

● Have fun (like, a lot of fun!)
● Gain a deep understanding of our values and core topics
● Have a real impact on the functioning of Volt Europa
● Connect with members across Europe to understand their
challenges and propose how we could solve them

You are:

● Enthusiast about Volt Europa and our ambitions
● Willing to go the extra mile
● A healthy dose of craziness to undertake the challenge of joining
the tech team

If you are interested in applying, please send your CV, a short cover
letter (max 200 words) or whatever few words you feel appropriate to
highlight your motivation to at all times.