EUR Strategy Facilitator (female/male/diverse)

The position:

As part of our goal to establish an Inhouse Strategy Consulting group at the European level, we are looking for EUR Strategy Facilitators.

Your role will be to help facilitate the creation of strategy within the organisation.  This will involve designing strategy processes and running strategy workshops for various internal teams that need support. If you are experienced in running workshops and in managing different opinions to formulate a concrete way forward this role is for you. 

Key tasks: 

  • Designing strategy facilitation processes
  • Facilitating/running strategy workshops with European and national teams

Possible further tasks:

  • Designing reusable, easy-to-use workshops
  • Supporting the creation of a “Strategy Playbook”
  • Supporting the creation of an Inhouse Strategy Consulting group
  • Recruiting suitable EUR Strategy Facilitators

Time commitment:

  • The EUR Strategy Facilitator position is completely flexible and does not require a specific time commitment. Our members’ availability comes in all sorts of patterns. Some only join once every six months and put in 10h all at once, and some others choose a more regular commitment. The key rule here is: it’s up to you! 
  • We would love for you to contact us, so we can show you around. After that, we can have a chat on the most realistic scenario for the future, and - if you’d like - we can link you to the projects that might come up and that suit your schedule. The only thing we ask for is good expectation management. If we are all truthful about our commitment expectations, then collaborations will be way more likely to succeed.

Apply now:

If you have questions or want to apply, please send an email to or reach out on Workplace.

If you are not a member of Volt, you will be asked to become a member as part of onboarding. If you already want to become a member (great idea!), go to: