Strategy commission team positions

Volt is a volunteer-driven organisation and this is an open member position on a voluntary basis.

  • We will be establishing a team of ca. 10 Volters to join the Strategy Commission. 
  • The team will steer & facilitate the roll-out of the Strategy Process - and thereby guide and support every team on European, National and City level to develop their own strategy based on the overall Vision & Strategic Objectives. 
  • This is an opportunity to be part of strategy development across Europe, ensuring the professionalisation and coordination within Volt to meet our Strategic objectives and win elections.
  • Hours:  10 hrs per week, 1-2 calls per week   
  • At the General Assembly in May 2020 the Vision and Strategic Objectives have been approved by our members.  
  • The goals of the Strategy Commission are changing and we are therefore looking for new Volters to join the team.
  • The Vision and Strategic Objectives need to be translated into action plans for the functional teams and national chapters. The Strategy Commission team will support the strategy process for the functional teams and National chapters - help assure milestones, the use of tools and facilitate communication to the organization and the board. 
  • The team will be collaborating broadly to enhance our strategic capabilities as a movement and as a Strategy Commission for Volt.

Application & further info: 

Please join the Strategy Commission Workplace Group and familiarise yourself with the process and output so far (vision & objectives, initiatives developed by workstreams).

In case of any questions contact the Strategy co-lead, Christoph Hagendorn.