Volt achieves overwhelming election results in the North Rhine-Westphalia local elections

Volt achieves overwhelming election results in the North Rhine-Westphalia local elections

Sep 14, 2020, 4:09:04 PM UTC
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> Volt is the third strongest force among 16-24 year olds

> Volt appoints 16 new city councillors in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - Volt has a total of 20 mandates

> In Cologne and Bonn, Volt achieves around five percent right away

North Rhine-Westphalia - "We are overwhelmed by this incredible result" says Volt Cologne's co-chairwoman Rebekka Müller. In Cologne, the pan-European party has won almost five percent of the vote and will have four city councilors. In the cathedral city, no party has managed to get about 5% at the first go for over 30 years. Volt's candidate for mayor Olivier Fuchs also achieved the fourth best result behind the established candidates with 4.4 percent. In Bonn, Volt achieved the greatest election success with 5.07% and will send three new city council members in the future. Also in Paderborn there is reason for joy for the European movement: Volt mayor candidate Verani Kartum achieves a fantastic result and was elected with 7.39% in the integration council. 

"The fact that we did so well with the young and first-time voters makes us especially proud", says top candidate Friederike Martin from Bonn, "The challenges of the future must be met by politicians who look beyond their own noses and do not remain in national thinking". 

"Volt was founded as a counter-movement to nationalist and populist drifts in Europe. That's why we are happy that we can record stronger results than the far-right Alternative für Deutschland in Bonn, Cologne and Münster," says the top candidate for the Ruhr Parliament, Nancy Meyer. 

Aachen's top candidate Larissa Böhrkircher adds: "We are particularly pleased that we were able to achieve these successes with significantly less financial resources than most of our competitors. We can directly attribute our electoral successes to the lifeblood of our volunteers and our content".

Surveys before the elections showed that the local elections were also climate elections. For the citizens* of NRW, the topic of climate was at the top of the agenda. This also explains the electoral successes of Volt and other sustainably oriented parties, which like Volt stand for effective politics in the fight against climate change. 

In the numerous discussions on the streets and in the social media, it became clear that people want a breath of fresh air in local politics. Thanks to Volt, the party landscape is a bit younger, more colorful and more progressive.

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