Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Jul 3, 2020, 10:41:07 AM UTC
Volt's demands on the German presidency of the EU

Recovery plan


It’s the European economy, stupid! And we all know, the economy is just a means to an end - a prosperous European society in which all citizens have a piece of the cake. 

In the next 6 months, European leaders should commit to

  • Allow EU-level democratic oversight controls over the allocation of funding according to political priorities.
  • Create own financial resources for the European Union through carbon and digital tax.
  • Establish rule of law conditionality for the allocation of EU funds
  • Make funds available directly to municipalities

Grow the green and sustainable economy!

We don’t want to wear masks forever! This is why we need to fight climate change and stop pollution.  

In the next 6 months, European leaders should commit to

  • Use at least 50% of the recovery packages to fund projects that tackle climate change and support the transition to a green economy in compliance and align all of the funding  with the principles and goals of the Paris agreement.
  • Set up a comprehensive carbon pricing scheme consisting of a carbon tax for any emissions not covered by the ETS, e.g. from livestock and soil. The funds gained should be used for relevant climate mitigation and adaptation projects and to create new jobs.
  • Stop plastic-based pollution and reduce waste in general, by ruling out the use of plastic, single-use products and polluted recyclables, and by banning the export of waste into non-EU countries.
  • Smart investments in research and green infrastructure to ensure a socially just transition
  • Promote climate diplomacy in the fields of global carbon pricing, green trade, tropical reforestation, and green development cooperation 
We don

Digital transformation

Image of a person standing in a forest. Text: Can you hear me?, Can you hear me now?

Covid-19 showed us the limits of our digital infrastructure and knowledge

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Everyone knows the feeling of fading connection whether it is on a train ride through rural Europe or in the middle of a European capital.

In the next 6 months, European leaders should commit to

  • Developing a European digital strategy
  • Invest more boldly in AI research
  • Make digital learning digitally central to education policy across the Union
  • Invest more in digital infrastructure

A fair and humane migration system

Europe needs  to care! All refugees deserve to find a safe haven and all migrants . 

In the next 6 months, European leaders should commit to

  • Reform Dublin! The Dublin System must be reformed and complemented by a settlement scheme that ensures States fulfil their responsibility.
  • Ensure shorter asylum procedures and provide for social, legal and psychological support.
  • Come forward with a pact on labour migration to achieve greater labour mobility and flexibility
  • Ensure asylum seekers can enter the job market from day one, and recognise their skills more easily.
  • Uphold asylum seekers’ and refugees’ rights.
Europe needs to care!

EU Reform / COFE

You really never listen, Europe!

You really never listen, Europe! Our voices deserve to be heard because democracy is about putting people at the centre of politics.

In the next 6 months, European leaders should commit to

  • Start the Conference on the Future of Europe
  • Set up Citizen Councils as a way to include citizens in the EU legislative process
  • Approve the European Parliament's Right of Inquiry 
  • Be transparent not only in Brussels but in all European capitals!