Calling Europe - The first Pan-European Speed Podcast

This Podcasts series presents key people from Volt, their ideas and activities and how they plan to spread Volt's message all across Europe. It is moderated by Eileen O'Sullivan and Karam Chehade.

Our latest Podcast:

Valerie Sternberg and Reinier Van Lanschot,Co-Presidents of Volt Europa, look back and share their hopes.

YouTube: CALLING EUROPE #16 // Valerie Sternberg and Reinier Van Lanschot look back and share their hopes

Listen to past Podcasts here:

Episode #15 - Vincent Busch about our Discord server as instrument for community management.

Episode #14 - Meet Olga Devine from Vienna

Olga Devine talks about the elections in Vienna and her targets in politics.

Episode #13 - Magdalena Houzvickova and Adam Hanka about Volt in the Czech Republic.

Episode #12 - Julia Anisko about our challenges in Poland

Episode #11 - Mihaela Siritanu and Stefan Florea about founding a new party in Romania

Episode #10 - Daniele Latella about what makes Volt so special

Episode #9 - Tabea Wich and Lucas Kornexl talk about Volt Austria

Episode #8 - Ana Carvalho

Ana Carvalho about her work as General Secretary of Volt Portugal.

Episode #7 - Joachim Wilcke

Joachim Wilcke with great insights about his work in the MEP-Office.

Episode #6 - Anouk Ooms

Eileen O'Sullivan talking to Anouk Ooms, our General Secretary. From her we learn how Volt years really count, what challenges we face, how convinced you can be that we can master all our challenges and which song always puts her in a good mood.

Episode #5 - Dan Kniebügl

Today Karam Chehade talks to Dan Kniebűgl. Where in Europe he lives, when he joined Volt, what challenges he sees for new parties in Eastern Europe and much more.

Episode #4 - Xenia Ivanova

Today Eileen is talking to Xenia Ivanova about her favourite places in Europe, a new idea for a workplace group, the differences between Eastern and Western Europe, the best music for good and bad days and much more.

Episode #3 - Cathal Kerins

Cathal Kerins from Volt Ireland, who is currently living in Berlin and whose favourite place is neither in Germany nor in Ireland. His most important concern: to fight racism in all its forms.

Episode #2 - Marie-May de Greslan

Marie-May de Greslan. She tells us enthusiastically about her #stophomelessness campaign, where her first trip after Corona takes her and we learn which rap artist from France you just have to know.

Episode #1 - Karam Chehade

Karam Chehade. He tells how enthusiastic he is about our initiative #EUROPECARES, where you have the best overview of his hometown and which song he would like to play to all the Volters.