EUR Partnerships Co-lead

We are looking for 2 co-leads of the EUR Partnerships team (f/m/d).

  • Reporting to Anouk Ooms (EUR GS)
  • Hours: 8 hrs per week 
  • Location: no particular location is required
  • Date of dispatch of this notice: 12/2020
  • Time limit for sending the applications: 20th January 2021

Purpose of the position:

The EUR Partnerships team is primarily responsible, and crucial in facilitating the establishment and maintenance of long-term relationships with external partners. The team establishes a strategic/political, takes care of network management in the name of Volt Europa, represents Volt and especially Volt’s vision and interests to third parties and streamlines all of Volt’s partnership efforts and projects. (for further details see Mission Statement). The Co-leads of the EUR Partnerships team will oversee and coordinate the activities of their team and answer to the General Secretary regarding partnership-related issues.

Key responsibilities & duties:

The activities of the EUR Partnerships (PS) team range from such diverse topics as internal monitoring, external representation, networking (screen, evaluate, establish contacts). The team coordinates and aligns these activities with the national PS teams. The work of the EUR Partnerships team involves a diverse set of stakeholders from the local level to the European level, as well as a versatile field of activity such as cooperating closely with various functional teams, the movement itself, and external parties.

Exemplary tasks and areas of responsibility and workstreams are:

  • Planning and implementation of the EUR PS strategy (by defining objectives and key results for the EUR level and therefore derived from this for all national teams a)
  • Coordination/Controlling as well as operational support of the EUR PS team and indirectly of the national PS leads
  • Streamlining of national PS teams, projects, and efforts
  • Point Of Contact for external organizations/individuals with concerning the cooperation or (building) long-term relationships; also POC for internal stakeholders (GS, board, functional teams) regarding PS topics and projects at EUR level and concerning this
  • Initiative on or First contact establishment (e.g. in the context of board decisions/mandate) 
  • Monitoring/Review of partnership efforts/activities
  • Ensuring (bundled) communication between other functional teams, national/regional/local teams, subteam leads, GS, board, etc.

Tasks and Competencies:

  • Coordinates the overall organization and output of the team (10% of the time)
  • Aligns on activities and needs with national teams (10% of the time spent)
  • Develops new and improves established workstreams together with the team members, (30% of the time)
  • Organises and moderates team calls (currently two weekly calls) (10% of the time)
  • Acts as a link to key stakeholders such as other functional teams, national boards, or the EUR board (20% of the time)
  • Strategies on the development of the team together with the EUR leadership (10% of the time)
  • Onboards/Trains the EUR Partnerships team (10% of the time)


  • Fundamental understanding of Volt’s organization, vision, and operating procedures as well as the functional areas and priorities (at least 6-12 months on/offline)
  • Pragmatic thinking, e.g. about strategy development
  • Competence in team management (goal setting, coordination, delegation, reporting)
  • High level of communicative (networking) experience
  • Proficient communication skills (fluent in English) 
  • High level of communicative (networking) experience
  • Proficient communication skills (fluent in English) 
  • Reasonable time capacities (approx. 5-10h)


  • Sound and practical knowledge in strategic partnership work (partner screening, evaluation, development)
  • Basic project management/organizational skills


Please send an email to Anouk Ooms with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page). Optionally, we appreciate a video where you introduce yourself and tell what you would like to achieve in this role.

Contact details:

Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to Anouk.