Fundraising Team Member (female/diverse/male)

Do you want to make a real impact? Join us now! We are a team of four people in need of more hands. We are responsible for generating a sufficient, sustainable, and diverse income to fund our 2024 EU Election Campaign. We do this by winning, growing and retaining donors in an ethical way. The fundraising team focus crowd donors, large donors (wealthy individuals & companies) or foundations. 

The work involves a wide variety of skills such as sales & relationship management, content production, online / offline marketing, EU grant application management, supporting national fundraising efforts, partner and supplier management.

Apply now:

If you're passionate about Volt's ambition and want to contribute to its success, let's have a virtual coffee to see how you can help. Please send an email to Michael Brill ( and George Penn (

If you are not a member of Volt, you will be asked to become a member as part of onboarding. If you already want to become a member (great idea!), go to: