EUR Data Analytics volunteer (d/f/m)

We are looking for talented people to join a dynamic  team of 20+ members working on a wide range of projects. The name “Data Analytics team” doesn’t encompass everything that we do, as in fact our umbrella covers most projects at the European level of Volt that involve machine learning, data science, natural language processing, social media analytics, survey and visual analytics, election debriefs, and campaign/geo-analytics.

About the position

You will work closely with other members of the Data Analytics team on projects of your choice. Do not worry! Our current co-leads have very different backgrounds, which only made our team stronger. Technical experience is helpful - certain skills are also required - but we do not expect you to be an expert in each of the fields involved. If in doubt, contact us!

Time commitment

The data analytics volunteer position is extremely flexible, and does not require a specific time commitment. Our members’ availability comes in all sorts of patterns. Some only join once every six months and put in 10h all at once, some join only for the team meeting for 1h a week, and some others choose a more regular commitment. The key rule here is: it’s up to you! 

We would love for you to contact us, so we can show you around. After that, we can have a chat on the most realistic scenario for the future, and - if you’d like - we can link you to the projects that suit your schedule. The only thing we ask for is good expectation management. If we are all truthful about our commitment expectations, then collaborations will be way more likely to succeed.

You will

  • Join our team meetings for 1h a week
  • Spend any additional time you choose to commit…
    • Connecting with our team members and joining a project group, or… 
    • Making a project proposal of your own and starting a project group, or…
    • Managing our relationships with other functional teams (internal liaison), or…
    • Managing our relationships with national chapters (international liaison), or…
    • Any combination of the above!
  • Gain lots of experience in a company-like environment
  • Get in contact with many people that have all kinds of expertise within the field of IT (and outside, most of our projects are collaborations with other non-tech teams)
  • Help build and maintain the data infrastructure of Volt Europa

You are

  • Familiar with any among the fields of sociology (survey management), data analytics, data science, business analytics, project management (better if in a tech/IT  context), machine learning, back- or front-end development
  • A dynamic learner, with an open mindset and willing to work within the ever-changing framework of a volunteer organization
  • Good at finding patterns and exploring trends
  • Willing to research the right narrative to frame our analyses, so that it is accessible to everybody

NOTE: The skills listed below are not must-have for all positions. If in doubt, contact us!

Here is a list of the most relevant skills by project area.

Data science

  • Experience with Python is highly recommended as Python is our main language
  • Experience with sci-kit learn, pandas, geo-pandas, matplotlib, seaborn is a plus
  • Experience with huggingface, pytorch, tensorflow, keras is a plus
  • Experience with SQL is a plus

Data analytics

  • An undying love for clean and useful visualization that always convey the message properly
  • Experience with SQL is recommended
  • Experience with Python (or R) - although not strictly necessary, it is highly recommended as Python is our main language
  • Experience with Google Data Studio is a plus
  • Experience with website analytics is a plus


  • Experience - or will to learn - the best practises of writing a good survey
  • Familiarity with any language programming language that allows you to perform a thorough analysis of the survey results (Tableau/PowerBI are not an option, as we work under GDPR)
  • Experience with Python or R is a plus
  • Experience with Google Data Studio is a plus

Data engineering

  • Experience with Python and SQL
  • Experience with Airflow, AWS, GCP or Databricks  is a plus


  • Familiarity with frontend development, specifically via ReactJS and TypeScript
  • Familiarity with Postgres and GraphQL

Reporting & strategy

  • An undying love for clean and useful visualization that always convey the message properly
  • Experience with Python and SQL is recommended
  • Experience with matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, or other visualization packages is a plus

We know those are highly sought after skills and quite hard to come by, so if in doubt, apply!

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to,, with the subject "Data Analytics Volunteer”.

Please be aware that this is a volunteer position. Furthermore, to become a volunteer in our team you need to be(come) a member of Volt.

Volt Europa actively seeks a diverse applicant pool and encourages candidates of all backgrounds to apply. Volt Europa does not discriminate on the basis of disability, age, gender identity and expression, national origin, race and ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or criminal record. We welcome all kinds of diversity. 

Get the chance to improve your skills in data analytics and project management with a large community of like-minded volunteers from all over Europe!