Mateus Carvalho

Full name:

António Mateus Simão da Conceição Ferreira de Carvalho



Grown up in (City/Country):

Lisbon, Portugal

Now Living/Working in (City/Country):

Lisbon, Portugal

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Highest educational degree:

High School

Actually working as:

Last year bachelor + part-time waitressing

Three most important issues concerning Europe in my view:

Climate Crisis; Refugee Crisis; Lack of a united voice in the international stage that really stands up for Human Rights;

What makes me enthusiastic about Volt:

The way it can bring grassroots, European-wide ideas to tackle issues who are prioritary nowadays, such as climate change, inequality, the refugee crisis, tax evasion, nationalisms and so much more. It's a movement+party+community which is able to work as these three and that has given me so much to grow personally, allowing its members to feel and be empowered by each other, in order to bring about the change they want to see - wether in they cities, countries or in Europe, as a whole.

My main reasons for joining the „Community Organization Program“:

It's not everyday a person has the chance to understand from scratch how you turn motivated people, full of ideas and energy into organised, grassroots power to bring about concrete changes in your community. It's a feature which has always amazed me in American elections and something I'd love to better bring to Volt Portugal and, who knows, to other campaigns we might launch!

With my newly acquired knowledge my goal is to:

Together with other Volters bring a good method to organize our efforts to grow and to make Volt Portugal a recognised political force in Portugal, with concrete proposals and a good, effective mobilisation power of its members and volunteers. Might be determinant if we're able to run in the Azores regional elections in October 2020, as we're currently aiming at! Potentially launch a very specific environmental citizen-driven campaign, depending on how the next months go ;)

Contributions could be tax deductible in your country. We are a community of thousands of citizens, and we keep growing at a faster rate than we could have ever hoped for. That’s why Volt needs the economic support of every single one of us. Together, we can drive a real change and re-invent European politics. We are all investing our time and our hopes in this project, so let’s make it real. With your contribution, we can revolutionize the way politics is done. Our donation policy: For donations exceeding the cumulative amount of €3.000 within a year, we will disclose the identity of the donor in compliance with our donation policy, provided that you give us your explicit consent. If you refuse, the total amount of your donation will be returned to you. If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact us at


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