Marie May De Greslan

Full name:

Marie-May De Greslan



Grown up in (City/Country):

Paris, France

Now Living/Working in (City/Country):

Barcelona, Spain

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Highest educational degree:

Bachelor degree

Actually working as:


Three most important issues concerning Europe in my view:

  1. The Brexit and the rise of the far-right parties.
  2. The migration flows that we are not handling with the human dignity that is required.
  3. Climate change, even if it’s not only about Europe. We, as the European Union, must act as one to have an impact mitigating the gross consequences of climate change.

What makes me enthusiastic about Volt:

  1. The feeling that I can actually do something.
  2. The people I am working with.
  3. The pan-european aspect of the party. The amazing richness of our cultures brought together in Volt. Exploring this diversity is enriching my understanding and my personal life.

My main reasons for joining the „Community Organization Program“:

  1. I was in charge of the European Elections in Barcelona, and then I organized my own campaign for the Board Elections. I would like to complement these learning experiences with a structured skill-set, allowing myself to professionalize.
  2. I want to help Volt through the knowledge I will obtain. I want to organize sessions in Volt Spain to help the teams organizing themselves according to Volt’s values and the principles of community organizing.
  3. I would not like to miss an opportunity to learn directly from one of the most influential minds in the field of grassroots campaigns.

With my newly acquired knowledge my goal is to:

Help Volt Spain and Volt Barcelona to grow up and to be prepared for the coming elections.

Contributions could be tax deductible in your country. We are a community of thousands of citizens, and we keep growing at a faster rate than we could have ever hoped for. That’s why Volt needs the economic support of every single one of us. Together, we can drive a real change and re-invent European politics. We are all investing our time and our hopes in this project, so let’s make it real. With your contribution, we can revolutionize the way politics is done. Our donation policy: For donations exceeding the cumulative amount of €3.000 within a year, we will disclose the identity of the donor in compliance with our donation policy, provided that you give us your explicit consent. If you refuse, the total amount of your donation will be returned to you. If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact us at


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