Magdalena Rausch

Full name:

Magdalena Rausch



Grown up in (City/Country):

Utting am Ammersee, Germany

Now Living/Working in (City/Country):

Berlin, Germany


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Highest educational degree:


Actually working as:

Editorial Assistant

Three most important issues concerning Europe in my view:

  1. Developing a clear understanding of Europe’s historically shaped position in order to effectively interact with people from other continents on urgent global issues
  2. Building real European society and public discourse in order to be able to establish a real European political, social and financial system
  3. Develop a lifestyle and societal structure that is truly sustainable for people and the environment

What makes me enthusiastic about Volt:

  1. We are creating a real European political culture by addressing problems with a European and not a national outlook
  2. All the amazing people with their positive energy and enthusiasm that want to change our continent for the better
  3. Already having created precedent cases that force institutions to come up with new ideas for European institutional structures

My main reasons for joining the „Community Organization Program“:

  1. Possibility to learn how to organize people effectively in order to allow them to turn their hopes and motivations into palpable political change
  2. Opportunity to learn how to build organizational structures that support volunteers in achieving their goals
  3. Being able to gain practical experience towards organizing political campaigns

With my newly acquired knowledge my goal is to:

Help Volt build an organizational structure that allows us to become a sustainable movement.

Contributions could be tax deductible in your country. We are a community of thousands of citizens, and we keep growing at a faster rate than we could have ever hoped for. That’s why Volt needs the economic support of every single one of us. Together, we can drive a real change and re-invent European politics. We are all investing our time and our hopes in this project, so let’s make it real. With your contribution, we can revolutionize the way politics is done. Our donation policy: For donations exceeding the cumulative amount of €3.000 within a year, we will disclose the identity of the donor in compliance with our donation policy, provided that you give us your explicit consent. If you refuse, the total amount of your donation will be returned to you.