General Secretaries

We are excited that you are interested to work together with thousands of Europeans and that you want to contribute to shape our future by working on the European level of Volt. 

When you become one of our General Secretary, you will be managing teams of volunteers  that lead, shape and organise our movement. That facilitate our campaigns, our Pan-European actions from all corners of Europe to the European Parliament and beyond!

It will be a wonderful ride,  an incredibly challenging, stimulating, and dynamic work experience. You will be involved in major developments of the coolest political project of the century. We have two co-leads in each leadership position and strive for gender balance. We are opening up both positions as full time positions. We hope to start as soon as possible, latest 1st of January 2022. 

Are you in? Then, apply before the 7th of November, 2021 so the new European Board can have the interviews with you in November 2021. Please send an email to and with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page) and a video (maximum 3 minutes) where you introduce yourself and tell what you would like to achieve as General Secretary.

What to expect from the position 

The General Secretaries are responsible for managing the operations of Volt Europa and the operational execution of the strategy set out by European board. The autonomy you will receive in how you manage the operations is high. You have a direct reporting line to and close collaboration with the European Board. You will focus on the implementation of our vision and strategic objectives. As such the General Secretaries manage the internal organisation. 

The internal organisation is set up of ten functional teams that work on specific topics: academy, community, data analytics, events, expansion, finance, fundraising, legal, partnership and tech. Each functional team is lead by 2 co-leads. The functional teams work closely together with the political leads: Policy and Communication. Our task forces and projects cut across the functional teams and work together with the co-leads of the functional teams, task forces, committees, and their team members are all volunteers.

Lastly, the General Secretaries oversee the work of the commissions that have an advisory role to the organisation such as strategy, governance and data protection. 

Purpose of the position

The key responsibility of the General Secretary is the management of the internal organisation to ensure Volt Europa can function effectively.

Division of time and focus: 

  1. Management of internal organization (60% time) 
  2. Stakeholder management (25% time) 
  3. Administrative tasks (15% time)


1. Management internal organisation (60% time spent):

  • Supervise and support functional teams in their operational management of the organisation
  • Supervise and support commissions, task forces and projects 
  • Ensure professional development of the internal organisation 
  • Ensure that the organisation fulfills its (legal) requirements
  • Implementation strategic objectives

2. Stakeholders management (25% time spent):

Operating as a key contact for members and volunteers in the internal organisation to connect between levels and prioritize workloads. On top of the internal organisation, the main stakeholders are: 

  • The European Board 
  • The National General Secretaries 

3. Administrative tasks (15% time spent):

  • Report to European Board on operational decisions and progress
  • Advise European Board on strategic decisions 
  • Implement new procedures and systems
  • Working on documents as plans, proposals, reports, agendas, minutes etc.

Essential competences we seek: 

  • Leadership skills: empowering people, building bridges and enhancing trust
  • Project management skills
  • Communication and relationship-building skills
  • Organisational and long planning skills: flexibility, organisation, prioritisation and time management skills
  • Ability to take responsible decisions
  • Ability to act immediately on urgent issues and high availability
  • Fluent in English, the more languages you speak the better

Are you a reliable and structured teamplayer? Are you known for your ability to manage multiple teams? Would you describe yourself as someone who get's things done? Than this role is for you!

Terms and conditions: 

  • Salary will be EUR 2'500 gross per month for employees based in Belgium and will be purchasing power parity adjusted depending on your country of residence. Here's an exemplary calculation tool for reference
  • No specific location is needed as we work mostly online 
  • Full time commitment
  • Our working hours are flexible as we work with volunteers. Availability in evening and/or weekend hours is part of the work. The flexibility is accompanied by the freedom and autonomy to structure and organize your work as it suits you. (e.g. if you work in evenings you can take the morning off as you see fit)

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our current General Secretaries: Johannes Heinrich and Anouk Ooms or email them at