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Volt is a constantly growing and evolving Pan-European movement. Our membership has doubled since the European Elections and we now have 12 elected officials in 3 countries. This is only the beginning!

Volt Europa values every donation, big or small.

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Your contribution will help unlock Europe’s potential by:

Supporting a professional team to facilitate growth across Europe - €68,000

Volt needs a fully-functional and professional team to expand our influence on the local, national and European levels. To become sustainable and grow the movement, we need people dedicated long-term to managing our day-to-day operations. This team will support the movement to build a better future through strategic planning, direction and coordination.

Keeping Volt operationally strong across Europe - €29,000

Volt needs a robust legal, IT, and administrative infrastructure to function as a Pan-European political movement. Your contribution will help us to continue to cover administrative costs, invest in solutions to facilitate our daily operations, and maintain our platforms to keep us connected.

Helping spread Volt’s message across Europe - €8000

To win elections we need people to hear our voice. To do that, we need to strengthen and communicate the Volt brand extensively, and widen our audience considerably. With this money, the communications teams will run multiple campaigns in order to communicate Volt’s core values to more people and persuade them to #votevolt.

Our aim is to empower citizens to participate in politics. We share best practices from all over Europe, we organise communities, and we use Volt’s way of social-innovation and grassroots campaigning to create powerful solutions. We already have 4 elected officials in 3 countries and will not stop until we can influence policy-making across the entire continent!

Now that the European elections are behind us and we could look to key learnings from that exciting time. We have been working on restructuring our operations and consolidating our internal infrastructure.

We have kickstarted projects such as #EuropeCares and the Campaign around the Conference for Future of Europe which have a tangible, positive impact on society around us, helping people be protected from the corona crisis, and taking every opportunity to let people be involved in the political process.

Moreover, the movement has mobilized to co-create a strategic direction and align on a vision for the next years. We are gearing up to move into the implementation phase but are lagging behind in one key area: funding. Our volunteers are working tirelessly because they believe in Volt's vision, but Volt needs more resources. Our day to day job of coordinating teams and actions, developing internal platforms and expanding to new countries demands costs that we struggle to cover. Our movement is created by the people for the people and it needs your help to survive!

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