Finance Co-lead (female)

Volt Europa has resolved to have all its teams be lead by gender-balanced co-leads, and this is a vacancy for the female position as the male position is filled.

Key Facts

  • Reporting to: Julia Pitterman
  • Working closely with Christophe Quirynen (male co-lead)
  • Time required:  15 hrs per week or more.
  • Location: no particular location is required
  • There is no compensation for this voluntary position
  • Deadline for sending the applications: 30 January 2020

The Position

The Finance team, as part of the Volt Europa Sustainable Financing team, supports the Volt Europa Treasurer in working towards financial sustainability while finding innovative solutions to complex problems. The Finance team is responsible for key accounting and reporting activities as well as strategic financial management.

The Finance co-leads are responsible for managing the preparation of key financial documentation such as financial statements, invoices, day-to-day record keeping as well as reporting. The Finance co-leads, as close advisors to the Volt Europa Treasurer, also have oversight of strategic financial planning and budgets.

Tasks and Competencies

> Production of key financial documentation such as financial statements, day-to-day recording and invoices (70% of time spent)

> Advise on strategic financial planning and budget projections (20% of time spent)

> Leading team members and empowering other members in the Sustainable Financing team  (10% of time spent)


  • Finance and accounting skills, great organizational skills, rigor.
  • Budget planning, stakeholder management skills
  • Attention to detail, effective communication, collaborative, team orientated approach.
  • Professional experience (min. 2 years) in accounting or financial services.
  • Experience in managing teams (optional).

We offer

Leading the Finance team means supporting the leadership to achieve financial sustainability while ensuring that we professionalize on all fronts. By supporting the Treasurer in strategic planning and budgets, the Finance co-lead is taking part in a unique experience of creating an innovative financial structure for Volt Europa.

The Finance co-lead will also learn key aspects of non-profit management while working with individuals from all over Europe.


Please send an email to with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page) and a video where you introduce yourself and tell what you would like to achieve in this role.