Expansion Co-lead

We are looking for a male and a female co-lead.

Key Facts

  • Reporting to: Reinier van Lanschot
  • Time required:  8 hrs per week or more. Weekly expansion meetings and regular check of expansion related communications.
  • Location: no particular location is required
  • There is no compensation for this voluntary position
  • Deadline for sending the applications: 30 January 2020

The position

The Expansion EU Lead focuses on expanding the Volt organization, its resources and presence.
The Lead inspires by connecting and motivating Volt members to create a united European community that constructively and strategically effectively and efficiently realizes growth for the Volt organization.

Key responsibilities & duties

* Develop and implement expansion strategy for Europe
* Connect people and facilitate teams to encourage collaboration
* Moderate meetings to achieve effective outcomes
* Performing and delegating operational work to achieve strategic goals

Tasks and Competencies

> Liaise with  and help National Teams (50% of time spent)

> Managing the expansion team (30% of time spent)

> Creating and implementing our strategy for growth (20% of time spent)


Must have:
* Good social and communication skills
* Stimulating and supportive characteristics
* English language written and spoken on good level
* An entrepreneurial spirit
* Management and leadership skills
* Communication skills

Optional: A lot of experience in Volt is a plus. Experience in building teams, taking initiatives and exploring new territories as well. A strong European network too. 


Please send an email to reinier.van.lanschot@volteuropa.org with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page) and a video where you introduce yourself and tell what you would like to achieve in this role.