Expansion Manager for Italy
(full time)

Company: Volt Europa

Location: Italy (remote)

Travel requirements: given the scope of the work you are expected to travel frequently throughout the country (and few times to Malta to organise two on-site events) 

Contract Duration: Fixed Term Contract (one year), ideally starting at the beginning of July 2023 (negotiable)

Job Description:

Volt Europa, the pan-European political movement, is seeking an Expansion Manager to help us build and grow our organisation in Italy.

Do you share our passion for Europe and want to make a positive impact in your community? Are you enthusiastic about building diverse communities and empowering volunteers to contribute to a common cause?

If you're based in Italy, are passionate about the prospect of travelling to build communities, and are fluent in Italian and English, then we invite you to apply!

It does not matter what the colour of your skin is, which gender you identify with, whether you have a disability, who you love, what your faith is. We believe the power of diversity achieves better results for our society at large. We can only be the inclusive political movement we aspire to be if we represent different voices and perspectives in our society.

As expansion manager, you will work closely with the national team of Volt Italy to build and execute strategies to expand their member base. You will start, empower, and organise local teams, while giving special attention to increasing representation and participation of women and minority groups. You will work with a variety of stakeholders in Italy and within our European team, in particular in the political and civil society field, and you will be expected to focus on building resources for 2024 European elections. Additionally, you will support the set up and creation of two events for the Italian expat community in Malta, with the goal of fostering connections in a pan-european spirit.

What we look for in you:

  • You know how to develop and implement expansion strategies in order to scale-up small, volunteer organisations.
  • You have an understanding of the political landscape in Italy.
  • You have an ability to identify and create meaningful relationships with potential partners, like civil society organisations, media, and individual actors.
  • You are organised and self-reliant: you can manage a budget and report on growth metrics (key performance indicators) to track progress and identify areas of improvement.
  • You collaborate with people within and around Volt to organise and manage creative and innovative events for reaching specific shared goals (e.g. attracting new members, growth in visibility, fundraising).

Live and work by Volt values

  • Caring 
  • Integrity 
  • Curious boldness 
  • Perseverance

What we offer:

  • You will meet and work with like-minded people, representing the richness of Europe's people on a daily basis.
  • You contribute to shaping Volt's success in Europe and will grow with our party and movement, and can have a positive impact on European and Italian society.
  • A high level of flexibility regarding how you organise your work, even if part of the coordination with the volunteers may take place outside the normal office hours, in moments which will be agreed together.
  • The target salary is 30k gross per year, to be adjusted depending on your profile and experience. A separate budget is provided for travel.
  • 30 days of holiday per year of contract (in addition to bank holidays)

How to apply:

We welcome applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. To apply, please submit a CV and complete our application form, which includes answering questions about your skills and qualifications. Interviews begin on a rolling basis, i.e. we interview in parallel with reviewing applications. Therefore, early applications are highly desired, as the application process is completed when the right candidate is found. Our goal is to evaluate all applicants objectively, so we do not require a cover letter. Please prepare your responses thoughtfully, as we will only select applicants for interviews based on the information provided in the form. If you have any questions, please email us at generalsecretary@volteuropa.org


  1. What strategies have you previously used to expand and grow an organisation's membership base and network? How did you measure the success of those strategies, and what areas did you identify for improvement?
  2. How have you worked to ensure that your organisation is inclusive of individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives? Can you describe a situation in which you successfully increased the representation of marginalised groups within an organisation or community?
  3. What political opportunities do you think exist within the Italian context? In this role, what would you do to leverage them?
  4. How do you plan to build relationships with potential partners and stakeholders in Italy? Can you give an example of a partnership or collaboration that you successfully facilitated in the past?
  5. How do you plan to manage and organise teams across Italy, especially in areas where there may not be an established political presence? How will you ensure that volunteers and members are empowered and engaged in the organisation's mission?  
  6. Let’s imagine that you are in this role, and there is a major city where there is only one team member who only has one hour to devote to Volt per week. The context is favourable because it’s a university town, with a high student population and significant expat community. You need this team to have a meaningful impact for the European elections, and want to grow it accordingly. How would you approach this scenario?
  7. Imagine you have to target a specific group for the organisation of an event: you want those very people to participate and feel represented by it, and consequently to get interested in  Volt. What would be the three main actions you would start with?