Volt Discussion Series _ Sex Work

Volt Discussion Series _ Sex Work

Sep 28, 2022, 05:00 PM UTC - 07:00 PM UTC
This edition of the Volt Discussion Series focuses on the sex workers industry.

Sex Work: a job like any other?

We all have our ideas about what sex work must be like, as well as our judgement in favour or against it (or maybe somewhere in the middle?) Yet most of us have never ever spoken to sex workers in the first place, not to mention about the reality of their daily lives.Tonight's speakers are sex workers and researchers. We will talk about common concerns and common misunderstandings, about merits and risks, and how politics influence the industry.

And if after the discussion you feel certain questions are left unanswered? The last part of the event are dedicated to Q&A, so make sure to be there!

For info about the speakers, and registration, check out this Google Form: https://forms.gle/jwHtLZGfCS9dEN6a8

This Event is part of the Volt Discussion Series, in each event focusing on a different topic - especially those issues that are underexposed or taboo. In an open environment, the VDS brings together experts with various perspectives with the aim to have constructive discussions.

Besides creating a platform for information exchange, the VDS creates brand awareness for Volt itself. The VDS events are open to members and non-members and can therefore reach people who are not familiar with Volt yet. By showing the Volt brand signature in a low key, personal and including way to participants, the VDS confirms the image of Volt as an accessible party.