Meet Volt Europa - July 2022

Meet Volt Europa - July 2022

Jul 22, 2022, 05:00 PM UTC - 07:00 PM UTC
Get to know the people at Volt and hear about the latest developments in our political movement.

Volt Europa, the Pan-European Political Movement invites you to hang out with us, get to know Volt and learn more about our way of shaping the future of Europe.

Share your ideas and thoughts with other Europeans during this event! Help us to create a united and strong Europe together. 

We meet online on Volt Europa’s Discord server ( at 19:00 hrs Central European Summer Time (CEST).


LobbyYou can find help here! -  Ron-David Roeder
Interestedin Volt
19h00- 20h30 What Volt is about - join at any time
Christopher Gudacker, and others of the VoltEuropa - speaker pool 
Country Month
19h00-19h30 Croatia
Tonci Nazlic
19h30-20h00 Abortion and Women´s rights
- including implications for men -
Maria Kamenou, Ina Dimitrieva,
Marcela Valkova, Lucia Nass

20h00-20h30 NATO Think Tank -
Tackling Disinformation
Joel Boehme
19h00-19h30 Volt Youth channel
Ruben Shouten, Ben Onlund, 
19h30-20h00 Intro to the game, then play!
Antoine Jendzio, Fabrice Nemo

*CEST Central European Summer time

The presentations reflect the opinion of the presenter, they do not necessarily need to reflect the volt policy on a topic.

The programme may be subject to emerging needs and changes are possible  :-)

The main idea of the 30 min slots per sessions is:
Every session takes in principle not longer than 30 min (15-20 min presentation); 15-10 min Q&A. Then people that want to go to another channel can go, but those that want to stay, may of course stay in the very channel…

We hope to see you there!

Help for Discord

  • Sign in on:
  • Click on #introduction, follow the advice in the welcome slide.
  • Do that any time before the event. Discord is open 24/7.
  • The Meet Volt Europa Channels will appear about 30 min before events start.
  • Download the Discord app for ease of use.
  • Questions? Contact: / +49 170 48 375 47