Emma Bacci

Full name:

Emma Bacci


20 years old

Grown up in (City/Country):

Bologna, Italy

Now Living/Working in (City/Country):

Bologna, Italy

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Highest educational degree:

High school degree

Actually working as:

Student and hostess

Three most important issues concerning Europe in my view:

The three most important issue concerning Europe in my view are: the improvement of the democratic process, to create a Europe that truly belongs to its citizens; the climate change issue, how to be more efficient and radical on the care of our environment and how the global changes will affect the European citizens; and least but not last, how to create a socially sustainable development model to apply to all countries, so that no one is left behind in our path toward the future.

What makes me enthusiastic about Volt:

What makes me enthusiastic about Volt are its two souls: the aim to find global solutions to problems that will affect our world with the help of experts and science, but at the same time realizing that the change can become a reality only listening to the citizens and the territories and becoming a driving force for their participation.

My main reasons for joining the „Community Organization Program“:

The reason why I want to complete this program is because I truly believe in the concept of citizens empowerment. I am convinced that people and communities can acquire the power needed for them to create change and improve their lives, that politics without citizens participation is useless. I want Volt to be the movement that inspires people to take action, and I think that this course will help me share this knowledge and passion to other Volters.

With my newly acquired knowledge my goal is to:

My personal goal regarding this course is to challenge my way of being an Organizer, since that’s what I’m doing inside Volt, and my leadership methods. I would love to learn how to improve and to be able to do better in my field. I would also love to make this part of my life mission, as what I love the most is working to create change. I’m studying economics to have the theoretical tools to think about sustainable development, but I also need the practical skills to make those projects real.

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