Dr. Hans-Günter Brünker

Dr. Hans-Günter Brünker

Dr. Hans-Günter Brünker

Municipal Councillor in the City of Bamberg


Job: Actor
Education: Chemistry and philosophy at the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg; acting at the Arturo Drama School in Cologne

I am ...

a person with a wide range of experience. As father and grandfather, as scientist and management consultant, as co-founder of two biotechnology companies and actor. I am used to looking at reality from different perspectives and respecting the views of others. But most of all, I enjoy actively tackling problems and challenges and finding the best solution for everyone involved.

Volt convinces me because ...

we need European parties to solve the most pressing issues of today. National parties are not able to do that.

because Volt is a modern and progressive organisation full of drive, which will advance Europe with forward-looking concepts.

because local politicians with a European network can learn from good examples throughout Europe.

My Vision for Europe is ...

Freedom, peace and social justice. A federal, democratic and modern Europe that is a model for the world.

My goals for Bamberg are ...

  • Bamberg as a participatory city. Citizen participation made true through a citizens' budget, a participatory citizens' portal and more transparency in political opinion-forming.
  • Intelligent urban planning and affordable housing, e.g. by reviving social housing construction by the municipality.
  • A strong local economy through targeted promotion of existing strengths and sustainable economic activity.
  • Free culture for a vibrant city - 5 for Bamberg (5% of the municipal cultural budget for the free culture scene)
  • Bamberg 2030 - an efficient, cost-effective, digital city administration