Darkest Hour - Andrea Venzon

About a year ago, the fear that Brexit could bring Europe into chaos and the hope that we could avoid this fate led me to put together a group of young people across Europe to create a pan-European political movement. Today, with 4,000 members, 25 countries, 3 political parties already created, and a common vision for the future of this continent, Volt is on the right track to build something. From Lisbon to Warsaw, from Malta to Stockholm young activists organize events, meet strangers, and debate among each other to find solutions and do everything possible to improve our society.

Yesterday, something happened during the final celebrations for Volt's 4th European meeting in Paris. The phones of many young activists began to vibrate. At the sight of the text "The Italian Prime Minister has remitted the mandate" I felt the same emotions of that far June 23, 2016, the day when the United Kingdom has expressed a willingness to abandon the European Union. A mixture of anger and concern for the future of the country that gave me a sudden desire to act, hard to explain. Compared to that warm day of June 2016, however, I now know that I am not the only one. Behind hundreds of signs of disappointments, thousands of posts on social media, and millions of conversations, there is a large group of Italians & Europeans who want to bring this country back up. Between weak institutions and new inadequate political forces, a potential of young energies that no longer wants to hear dramas and political attacks, but to change the way of doing politics in and to solve the structural problems of our countries.

I know you are there, I see it every day on our Facebook groups and during our local events. From the student that has to leave his city to find a job, to the woman who is tired of hearing comments about her physical appearance at work, to the professional who does not understand how a country can be so badly managed, to the young parent who thinks of going abroad to give more opportunities to their children, or the pensioner who not only has difficulty paying their own expenses but is also worried about the world where their grandchildren will have to live - you are there, and you can have a voice.

Thousands of Europeans have already started to have a voice. With an average age between 30 and 35 years, 7 out of 10 have never been part of a political party, about 40% of women, we at Volt are building a political revolution. We collaborate in European, national, and local teams (we are today in more than 100 cities) and we are pursuing clear proposals to solve the problems of our countries, which revolve around 6 challenges:
• create an "Smart State", a digital state that does not waste the resources of its taxpayers,
• foster an "economic renaissance", with less bureaucracy and more opportunities for young people and small businesses,
• move towards "social equality", in which disadvantaged areas and segments of the population are not left behind,
• achieve a "global balance", to influence those major trends that are crossing the world, such as migration and climate,
• “empower citizens”", in terms of political participation and transparency on public expenditure
• and finally, “reform the European Union”, which is still not democratic and inefficient

We know that in Italy the ideas, the energy, and the vision of Volt is as necessary today as in any other countries in Europe. We went that far: now we need you to change the destiny of this continent.