Workplace Moderators (Unpaid)

We are looking for moderators for Workplace to ensure a respectful and open atmosphere on Volt's internal platforms. The moderators help to offer a positive and safe digital experience for all of our members and create a community where members can be enriched and learn from each other.

About the position 

You will work closely with the Community Co-leads and the General Secretary's Office (GSO). The moderators will  take the moderation of the European groups over from the community co-leads. You will further test the current guidelines by implementing them and evaluate how they work in practice. You will be asked to provide input on how to further improve them and be an integral part of improving our online discussion space.

Your work will consist of:

  • reviewing reported content, you are encouraged to coordinate with national moderators as well as following the general discourse and tone of communication
  • reaching out to authors of reported content to see if they can reformulate their posts in a more respectful and constructive way
  • Reaching out to people who reported content to understand context
  • Deciding how to respond and react to reports based on our moderation guidelines
  • Reviewing the current guidelines and providing input to the GSO and board how to improve them  
  • Creating quarterly reports to the GSO and EUR Board understand trends and flag problems

You will

  • Gain moderation and leadership experience in a digital environment
  • Have the opportunity to further develop your communication skills in a multicultural setting
  • Receive training on communication and how to de-escalate heated online discussions


  • know how to keep your calm and approach situations in a constructive way
  • are sensitive to cultural differences
  • are empathetic and know how to bring people together in a digital setting
  • are comfortable taking decisions

We welcome and encourage people with online moderation experience to apply. However, we also welcome those who do not have this experience yet, but have demonstrated helpful behaviour on Workplace, and are willing to learn.

How to apply 

Please send an email to and with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page).

Contact details: Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to or

Please be aware that the applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Volt is an inclusive organisation, which offers space to everyone and sees diversity as a strength. Therefore, we are looking for applicants of all genders, ages, and different cultural backgrounds.