Communications Co-lead

Volt Europa has resolved to have all its teams be lead by gender-balanced co-leads, and this is a vacancy for the male position, as the female co-lead is currently filled.

Volt is a volunteer-driven organisation and this is an open member position on a voluntary basis.

  • Reporting to: Reinier van Lanschot. Working closely with co-lead Jessical Jones-Langely As well as the co-leads of the comms subteams and the accountable board members of those subteams.
  • Hours: >12 hrs per week
  • Location: no particular location is required
  • Time limit for sending the applications: 29th June 2020

Purpose of the position:

The Communications team of Volt Europa is in charge of the Communications strategy, as well as the production of the external communications of the party’s European level. The Comms Co-leads are in charge of coordinating the work of the team with regards to the party’s Social Media presence, graphics design and PR word and strengthening Volt’s brand, narrative and media presence whilst also coordinating messaging and content with national Communications teams. 

Key responsibilities & duties

The Co-Leads will coordinate the Strategy, Design, PR and Social Media sub-teams to ensure overall communicative cohesion. The leads also coordinate with the national communications teams to ensure alignment between the different national chapters of Volt Europa. The co-leads also work on the overall strategic communications of Volt. 

The leads also support in content creation, such as for example, but not limited to, drafting of press releases and social media statements on various social media platforms, and graphic design. 

Tasks and Competencies:

  • Liaise with National Teams (40% of time spent)
  • European Team Leadership (40% of time spent)
  • Content creation (20-50% (to decrease as team capacity is built))

Must have:

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Communication skills (messaging, framing and spinning)
  • Time managing skills
  • Multitasking capacity
  • Good organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Team orientated approach

Optional: Project management experience, Conflict resolution experience, writing skills, graphic design, Qualifications relating to communications and public relations is meriting. Experience working in the field of professional communications and communication within Volt is meriting.


Please send an email to with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page) and a video where you introduce yourself and tell what you would like to achieve in this role.

Contact details: Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to Reinier!