COFE - The Campaign to build a better future for Europe

Volt Conference on the Future of Europe Campaign is an ongoing pan-European undertaking offering a voice to all Europeans to articulate their opinion and will to change and progress by bridging the gap between individuals and European institutions.

From Local actions to European policy

When one person is shouting alone, more often than not, their voice is not heard. Although when we all shout together, we have more weight.

We are closely working with more than 20 local teams, from Lisbon to Bucharest, every city has an incentive to participate in the campaign to shape Europe together.
Participating teams are working an different policy areas such as Sustainability & Climate actions, Finance & Economy, Society & Culture, Digitalisation and Smart States, Social Security & Welfare and Politics & Citizen Participation, to prepare a better future for Europe!

We heard your opinion!


Over 2 months Europeans answered our survey on the future of Europe. It is safe to say that that you were more than enthusiasts to participate! With 3726 respondents from 35 countries and 1252 cities, we are happy to see so much enthusiasm to change Europe together!







Participating Teams

We are working closely with more than 20 local teams, from Lisbon to Bucharest. Every city had a right and an incentive to participate in the campaign to shape Europe altogether.

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Our partners

By rallying teams and organisations from all over Europe, the COFE Campaign aspires to bring forward shared worries and wishes of Europeans communities. All teams, organisations and individuals are encouraged to partake in developing their ideas to create social innovation, evolution within their community and share their progress to go beyond.

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