Bibi Wielinga

Full name:

Bibi Wielinga



Grown up in (City/Country):

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Now Living/Working in (City/Country):

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Highest educational degree:

High School

Actually working as:

Waitress and Social Innovation and Grassroots co-lead

Three most important issues concerning Europe in my view:

Personally i find the lack of cooperation concerning climate resolutions our biggest concern. Afterall, without a planet to live on, all social and economic measures are void and useless. Secondly, the lack of cooperation regarding the refugee crisis. Particularly the absence of attention to the more fundamental causes of forced escape of people itself. Lastly, the general fear of change and (until now) the inability to provide a positive, passionate yet plausible alternative to populism.

What makes me enthusiastic about Volt:

The unification of a lot of different cultures and people to accomplish shared goals.

My main reasons for joining the „Community Organization Program“:

I believe that our volunteers are the lifeblood of Volt. The best way to support them is too create systems that make their work easier, make their opinions heard and thus makes them feel as valuable as they truely are. To accomplish that, motivation is not enough, the knowledge of this course is an important stepping stone.

With my newly acquired knowledge my goal is to:

Spread knowledge as efficiently as possible through Volt Europe, starting with The Netherlands. We are currently creating and teaching community organizing courses based on second hand information. My goal is to perfect these, digitalize them and make them available to everyone in need of some organizing support.

Contributions could be tax deductible in your country. We are a community of thousands of citizens, and we keep growing at a faster rate than we could have ever hoped for. That’s why Volt needs the economic support of every single one of us. Together, we can drive a real change and re-invent European politics. We are all investing our time and our hopes in this project, so let’s make it real. With your contribution, we can revolutionize the way politics is done. Our donation policy: For donations exceeding the cumulative amount of €3.000 within a year, we will disclose the identity of the donor in compliance with our donation policy, provided that you give us your explicit consent. If you refuse, the total amount of your donation will be returned to you. If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact us at


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