Audit Co-lead

Volt Europa has resolved to have all its teams be lead by gender-balanced co-leads, and this is a vacancy for the both the female and the male position.

Volt is a volunteer-driven organisation and this is an open member position on a voluntary basis.

Key Facts

  • Reporting to: Mihaela Siritanu
  • Time required: 10-15 hrs per week or more.
  • Location: no particular location is required
  • There is no compensation for this voluntary position

The Position

The Audit team, as part of the Volt Europa Sustainable Financing team, provides independent assurance that Volt Europa’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. The team has a double mandate of ensuring Volt Europa AISBL’s is effectively and appropriately operating, whilst also providing support to national chapters in need of professional counsel.

The Audit co-leads deal with issues that are critical to the survival and prosperity of Volt Europa. They go beyond financial risks and statements, to consider wider issues such as reputational risks, growth and processes. They support the Board in making the organization succeed by reporting on how systems and processed designed to keep the organization on track are working.

Tasks and Competencies

  • Creating a Volt Europa audit methodology to effectively assess the management of risk and internal controls (60% of time spent)
  • Evaluating key documentation (e.g. financial statements) as well as processes in place at the European level to provide fit-for-purpose recommendations (30% of time spent)
  • Leading team members and empowering other members in the Sustainable Financing team  (10% of time spent)


  • > 2 years professional experience in audit, preferably internal audit
  • Experience in managing teams (optional) 

We offer

Leading the Audit team means supporting the leadership in removing possible risks in different areas, especially financial management. By doing so, the Audit co-leads will gain key knowledge on how Volt Europa is run at all levels and will take part in a unique opportunity to create the foundations for future audit functions – spearheading a critical and strategic apparatus. You will lead innovative and interesting projects while working with individuals from all over Europe that are committed to professionalizing Volt Europa.


Please send an email to  with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page) and a video where you introduce yourself and tell what you would like to achieve in this role.

Contact details: Would you like further information regarding this role? Please send an email to Mihaela.