We are all deeply shocked by what's happening in Ukraine. As human beings and as individuals fighting for better politics, we feel the urge to do more but it can be difficult to find reliable information, so we did it for you!

Support Ukraine

As the war rages on, countless people and organisations have mobilised to keep the lights on over what's happening in Ukraine.

So many that it can feel overwhelming to comb through them: that’s why we have condensed the learning from the past weeks, in order to give organisers and volunteers a comprehensive overview of what you can do and of what you should avoid.

4 ways you can support people in Ukraine today:

Donate money

Donating money seems the most useful choice right now


Humanitarian aid organisations are in big need of donations right now, both in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries. Military equipment is also desperately needed (especially helmets, body armour, blood, tourniquets etc.) but this is not something regular people can easily get their hands on

That’s why we're recommending to keep an eye on the work of the Polish team of the Effective Altruism Movement. They are developing an up-to-date summary of organisations helping in and outside Ukraine at the moment. They also check what is needed in real time and will search for the best organisation to donate.

Donating goods

Reach out to organisations in your city and check what is needed in Ukraine!


Besides giving money, you can always send goods. We recommend to always look for established organisations and to always check with them what's needed before bringing your donation. For example, there's currently a big need for canned goods, medicine and first aid kits and blankets.

We understand the urge of wanting to get active and send as much as possible, as quickly as possible. However, we discourage you from going directly to the border to deliver your goods, unless you have a contact on the ground and know what's needed at the moment.

Help refugees in your city

Almost a million people have already left Ukraine and they need your help!


With the war pushing hundreds of thousands of people to leave Ukraine, there soon will be a lot of people in need of help to adjust in their new city. As mentioned above, it is always best to support efforts already under way in your city / region.

If you have a spare room, or you know people who might have, Elinor, GLS Bank, Ecosia and betterplace.org created a website to match people who have spare rooms with people looking for one across Europe. The website is really easy to use and it is available in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

Join a protest

Show your solidarity with people still in Ukraine


We encourage all Volt local teams to organise with their members and take part in different protests. If you have the resources, it would be great to organise a march.

You don't have time to organise a protest by yourself? This website lists all the protests in support of Ukraine going on across the World. It is so important to support the people still in Ukraine, the people who had to leave their country and watch the catastrophe unfold from elsewhere. If you can do only one thing, make it this one: we cannot drop the curtain on any war.


Our latest statements

We will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and to stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine.

Read our latest statements:

Help us get the word out!

As the war in Ukraine develops, we cannot risk the World forgetting the people still in Ukraine and the Hundreds of Thousands of refugees who were forced to leave the country.

Continue to spread the word and monitor the developments in Ukraine: If we continue to care, so will our politicians!

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