During the pandemic, where did you go when you were told to #stayhome? For approximately 4 million Europeans it wasn’t possible to simply stay home.

Help the estimated 4 million homeless in Europe

Co-sign the petition to the EU to stop homelessness in Europe.

In partnership with the #HomelessEntrepreneur, we’re asking the European Parliament to issue guidelines to all countries in the European Union.

Seeking human kindness

The #StopHomelessness petition asks for all housing programmes across Europe to:

Have no barriers of entry


All housing programmes should have no barriers of entry.
Many housing programmes should have minimal requirements to help people into housing quickly, and without stigma.

A “housing first” approach, successfully used in Finland, will help people have access to housing without the added stress of having to jump through hoops.

Provide a supportive pathway to independence


All housing programmes should provide a supportive pathway to independence through incentivising employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. Any efforts should also be proactive in maintaining job-security which will assist people in maintaining stable long-term housing.

People must have access to programmes that help them get a job, like the one in Sweden which supports people’s re-entry to job market through lower taxes, or the #HomelessEntrepreneur model based on housing, work and active citizenship including finding a purpose for people.

Minimise causes of homelessness


Programmes should prevent and minimise causes of homelessness. In many cities rising rents are to blame for people being forced out of their homes, cities like Paris have programmes to expand social housing through buying properties to prevent rent increases.

Homes should be affordable, and governments should support any efforts to ensure that homes remain at a reasonable cost.

Help #StopHomelessness

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Show the European Council that we need to #stophomelessness

Our petition has the support of the European Parliament but we still need to get the European Council on our side.

The more names we get, the more chance we have of being able to #stopHomelessness

Homeless Entrepreneur

Help our partner organisation the #HomelessEntrepreneur

Based in Spain, Homeless Entrepreneur’s mission is to promote economic empowerment and poverty reduction via work and active citizenship, so people living in social exclusion can improve their quality of life.

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Help us get the word out!

Homelessness can happen to anyone. With homelessness rates getting worse every year, we need your help to get support from as many people as we can.

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Are we close to being able to #stophomelessness in Europe?

The European Parliament supports our petition!

24 NOV 2020

We’re getting closer. Our petition was accepted and included on proposal TA(2020)0314 which will next get sent to the European Council.

Sign the petition before that happens to show the EC that we need to #stophomelessness.

The team presented the petition to the #EU

30 MAY 2020

Our team was invited to address the #EuropeanParliament to discuss homelessness in Europe.

Watch co-signees Julia Boehme & Andrew Funk address the PETI Committee & hear what the MEPs had to say about homelessness.

Image credit: #HomelessEntrepreneur
Icons from the Noun Project: Amy Stuart, Vectorstall, Olena Panasovska

The #StopHomelessness Team

Julia Boehme

Julia Boehme

Policy, Spokesperson

Jessica Jones-Langley

Jessica Jones-Langley


Andrew Funk

Andrew Funk

Homeless Entrepreneur Founder

Marie-May de Greslan

Marie-May de Greslan