Aarhus gets a new, international political party - Kathrine Richter

Volt Danmark is a part of Volt Europa; the first pan-european party to settle in Denmark and we are launching our new chapter in Aarhus on Tuesday, October 2nd. All are welcome.

It’s about time that Danish politics becomes forward-looking, brave and international again, because Denmark has much to offer the international community. I am the country lead for Volt in Denmark and together we want to gather enough endorsement, so we can run for the European Parliamentary election in 2019.

It’s a reality that national-conservatism and fascism is growing on our European continent, and it is our damned duty to ensure that our historical knowledge in this area is not lost.
However, when national parties across Europe continue to populist initiatives and the lowest common denominator, we must say no – but which party in Denmark can actually do so today?

The courage occasionally displayed by members of the middle ranks in political parties is not reflected in their upper echelons. Over the past months, we have seen many established politicians leave their parties and their hard-won seats at Parliament and we should see that for what it is: A wake-up call that something is wrong with the way we do politics in Denmark.

We have to break free from the concept that Danish Parliament is like a schoolyard, where the big bully the small and forming a pack is the only way to survive.

We have to create a new form of political leadership in Denmark. Not only do we have to confront the carved out bloc politics and cease the mind numbing question of which leader you will appoint in the future - instead, we have to take an active, personal responsibility for the society that is actually here.

Denmark is a small, open economy, with a coastline that provides daily reminders that we are affected by the way the international winds blow. This is exactly why we need a stronger voice internationally to ensure the future of our products, ideas and society.

Volt is this new political community. We are from the very onset a European party, and with chapters in 30 countries across the entire continent we collaborate on ideas, exchange experiences and learn about our different preconditions.

We collaborate digitally and we enable citizens across all of Europe to participate in politics on an equal footing. We are forward-looking and questioning, confronting differences head-on to learn about each other and how we together can move forward.

There is a broad consensus in Denmark that the EU should take the lead on the big challenges, like climate change, migration policy and security.
At the same time, we see an increasingly larger differentiation in our society offset by better access to technology and individualized solutions which allow us to be less dependent on others in our day-to-day lives.

This is why Volt has a plan to act on the local, national and European level to connect our ideas, strengthen our ability to cooperate and open our eyes to new ways of doing things.

There IS a new way to do politics. Join us!

Kathrine Richter, head of Volt Denmark