Project Co-Owner Website

Location and status: Flexible Location, Volunteer

Hours required: 5-10h (depending on workload)

Application Deadline: 2nd January 2023

Description of Team

Volt Europa is a dynamic and growing political presence in Europe with ambitious plans for the European Elections in 2024.  To realise these ambitious plans, Volt Europa's message needs to reach a wider more diverse audience to facilitate conversations and connections with potential supporters. That's where the Volt Europa Communications Team come in.

The Communications Team is responsible for disseminating Volt's message to the outside world.  They work closely with the Volt Europa Board, Elected Officials from across Europe, and teams within Volt Europa, to ensure our message connects with the right supporters through the right medium.

We are looking for a female/male/diverse Project Owner Website (Communications) to help improve our external communications through our website. 

Role and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining our homepage
  • Cooperating with our Tech team to improve our website
  • Implementing the needs of the Communications team, other functional teams, the GSO and the   board
  • Staying in contact with national teams and helping them improve or set up their websites
  • Managing the content of our website (creation and revision of texts and graphics)
  • Potentially maintaining a blog

Experience and Skills

  • Experience in maintaining websites
  • Good writing skills
  • Fluent English
  • Independent working

Apply Now

Please send an email to and with your CV and motivation letter (max one page).