Online Performance Marketer - Fundraising (f/m/d)

Apply now to become our Online Performance Marketer for Fundraising that unlocks the unique potential we have to unite across Europe and really have an impact! 

  • Are you experienced in targeting and segmented audiences in an effective way? 
  • Do you want to create successful campaigns to attract donations? 
  • Does the prospect of creating a professional, volunteer-based fundraising organisation energise you?

You are invited to apply! It does not matter what the colour of your skin is, which gender you identify with, what physical and mental possibilities you have, who you love, what you believe in. We believe the power of diversity achieves better results for our society at large. We can only be the inclusive political movement we aspire to be, if we represent different voices and perspectives in our society. 

Do you want to contribute to Europe's future?

Volt stands for a united and federal Europe, where everyone has equal opportunities to fulfil their unique potential. We strive to achieve the highest human, environmental, social, and technological development together. We are a pan-European political movement with more than 110 elected representatives across Europe and thousands of members and volunteers. For more information, visit

Join our growing fundraising team to scale Volt’s impact! 

We are in the process of adding full-time employees to our currently fully voluntary fundraising team. We aim to generate a sufficient, sustainable, and diverse income for Volt to fund our 2024 EU Election preparation and campaign. We do this by winning, growing and retaining donors of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, in an ethical way. 

What we look for in you

  • You are experienced in online performance marketing, in targeting, converting, and analysing potential segments.
  • You bring fundraising experience in a political party or non-profit organisation
  • You communicate, present and influence effectively in your working relationships
  • You have effective project management skills
  • You are driven, motivated and a self-starter

What we offer:

  • Salaries start at EUR 30k per contract year, depending on experience level. Salaries can also be negotiated. We are currently reviewing our entire compensation scheme with an external agency and will adjust salaries if applicable.
  • The majority of the work will be remote, you will meet and work with like-minded people, representing the richness of Europe's people on a daily basis
  • 30 days of holiday per contract year (in addition to bank holidays)
  • You contribute to shaping Volt's success in Europe and will grow with our party and movement, and can have a positive impact on European society. 

How to apply:

Are you going to be our new colleague? To ensure we judge all applications in an objective way, we are not asking you to apply through a cover letter but to provide us with a CV and answer the following questions through this form before 20th of February 2023. We ask all applicants the same questions so we can get an impression of what they have to offer to be successful in the position. Please make sure you prepare yourself well by filling in your answers in the form. This is the only information we will select the applicants upon that will be interviewed for the position. The interviews start from the 20th of February onwards.

Questions you are asked to answer in the form

  1. We seek to find someone who has a clear vision of how to sell the idea of Volt Europa and our mission in crowdfunding campaigns. What attracts you to our idea and mission as Volt Europa and what do you hope to achieve as our future online performance marketeer for fundraising? 
  2. Our fundraising plans are ambitious and our fundraising efforts should start sooner rather than later. Can you share an example of a crowdfunding campaign you have managed? Within this example can you share how you analysed and utilised the segments you identified for that campaign? 
  3. As we work with many volunteers, it is important to work on projects that have  clear deliverables and deadlines so that volunteers can commit their efforts too so you would be able to achieve a successful campaign. Building upon the example of the crowdfunding campaign you have used in your answer above, can you share how you organised the campaign? How did you realise the campaign from start with the analysing of segments to a successful campaign? What efforts lead to it being successful and which lessons have you learnt from what was a challenge or didn’t work? 
  4. We strive to set up different crowdfunding campaigns across Europe. We seek someone that can both think of ways to attract donations in crowdfunding and can also attract them with Volts principles and ideas. Can you share an idea you have for our next crowdfunding? What segment do you aim to reach and how would you reach them? 
  5. In order to be successful in this position, what would you need from our end to enable and empower you the best way possible?