Member of the Internal Audit Commission

Role Purpose

The Internal Audit Commission is the internal auditing body of Volt Europa. It ensures that the internal financial governance and processes taken by the organs of Volt Europa comply with the Internal Regulations and Code of Conduct. Each member of the Internal Audit Commission is responsible for assessing the (non)conformancy of Volt Europa against the standards set by the above mentioned documents.

The Volt Europa Internal Audit Commission will report on its activities regularly, and minimum once per year, to:

  1. The Country Council
  2. The Volt Europa Board
  3. The General Assembly

All Internal Audit reports produced by Associate Members or Volt Europa will be made available to Volt Europa Internal Audit, The Volt Europa Board, the Country Council and the GA.

Note: We value diversity and therefore welcome all applications - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age and sexual ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. The members of the Internal Audit Commission must be from three different countries.

Job TitleMember of the Internal Audit Commission
RankVolt Europa Internal Audit Commission
Time commitmentmin 5 h/week
Term3 years
RemunerationNone (unpaid)

Key tasks

  • Review whether the financial governance in the Internal Regulations and the Code of Conduct (currently pending) are adhered through throughout Volt Europa
  • Identify the financial risks that could keep Volt Europa from achieving its goals, alerts leaders to these risks, and proactively recommend improvements to help reduce the risks
  • Perform Internal Audit of financial governance and processes for (A)MAs that do not have their own Internal Audit commission appointed
  • Align internal audit methodologies between Member Associations where possible. 

Personal Competences

  • Strong command of English
  • Basic auditing experience
  • Basic financial knowledge 
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to the multicultural and diverse environment in which Volt Europa operates
  • Integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality at all times

1. Scope 

The Electoral Committee, in accordance with the Art. 14 of the Statues, and to subsection 2.2.1 of the Internal Regulation, invites any Individual Member of Volt Europa to submit a candidature for a position on the Internal Audit Commission of “Volt Europa A.I.S.B.L.” (referred also as “Volt Europa”). 

The “Call for candidacies” ( referred to as “Call”) outlines the procedure  for the submission of candidacies, the review process and the electoral process.  

The Internal Audit Commission of Volt Europa is composed of three (3) individual members from three (3) different Member Associations or Associated Member Associations. The members can be re-elected after the first term, and no member can serve in the commission for more than 2 terms.

Links to:

2. Filing an application

Please send your application to until 01 April 2022.

Candidates shall need to provide the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. A Motivational letter with a maximum length of one (1) page
  3. A presentation video approximately one (1) minute long (optional)
  4. A copy of an ID Card,  Passport or Driver’s Licence

The Internal Audit Commission of Volt Europa shall include in its composition:

  • three (3) members
  • members who have financial qualifications

Additionally, we also encourage people who hold a Law degree obtained at a European university or a foreign equivalent Law degree recognized in the European Union to apply.

For this reason the Electoral Committee invites candidates that intend to apply to have this requirement.

Candidates must also declare that:

  • they commit to fulfil their role during the entire duration of their mandate (three years)
  • they have not been convicted for any criminal offence
  • they are not subject to any criminal proceedings or investigation. 

Further information about the position of Member of the Internal Audit Commission, and the recommended capacities that are necessary to succeed in the role, such as time commitment, qualifications, personal and professional attitude will be attached to this Call.

All the material shall be submitted in English.

Upon receipt of the candidacy application, the Electoral Committee will confirm the reception, and request any integration if needed. The Electoral Committee do recommend to avoid “last minute” applications to minimise the risk of formal rejections.

The mandate of Member of the Internal Audit Commission is incompatible with the position of Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Board of a Member Association or Associated Member Association, hold a position into any other bodies of Volt Europa created in the Internal Regulations or the Statute, or hold any appointed or elected position in a Member Association or Associated Member Association. 

If a candidate falls into the aforementioned incompatibility situation, they may still be able to apply, and if elected he/she shall withdraw from the previously held position within fourteen (14) days after the elections. [Internal Regulations (b)]

A candidature can be withdrawn until the day before the start of voting.

3. Application’s review process

The Electoral Committee will review the received applications, within fifteen (15) days after the deadline for the submission. The result of the review will be communicated via email to the candidate. 

If an application is rejected, set forth in this Call, Internal Regulations or the Statute,  the motivation that led the Committee to take this decision, will be provided. The Committee can only reject candidacies on the basis that they do not meet the submission requirements set out in this Call. A candidate may appeal against a rejection decision to the Internal Audit Commission within seven (7) days from the date in which such a decision was communicated. 

Accepted applications will be communicated to all members through all the official channels of Volt Europa. 

The submitted materials attached to the application will be published on the internal dedicated website for internal elections.

4. Electoral campaign rules

Candidates will have at least one month of electoral campaign. Before the start of the campaign the Committee might hold an open Q&A with candidates. 

The electoral campaign will end the day before the start of voting operations, all candidates must observe the “electoral silence” during the 24 hours before the vote is open, and until the vote is closed.

All candidates must follow the electoral campaign guidelines and the Code of Conduct. Against unruly behaviour of a candidate, any other candidate can file a complaint, which will be reviewed and decided by the Committee based on the Code of Conduct.

5. Electoral system, voting and results

Election of the Internal Audit Commission will be held during the next General Assembly, expected to be held online on the 7th and 8th of May, 2022. 

Voting will take place electronically, and the vote will be open for an appropriate period of time, according to the General Assembly Agenda. Final time schedule will be communicated to all Members alongside the Notice of Convocation for the General Assembly.

The eligible voters will receive a ballot in which they shall mark three (3) non ranked preferences, candidates that will receive the highest number of preferences will be elected. 

If the number of candidates is equal or lower than the number of the open positions, the eligible voters will express a yes/no vote for each candidate. 

Results of the elections will be announced at the end of the votes, candidates might request to observe in the scrutiny procedures.

The elected will be appointed as Members of the Internal Audit Commission by the Assembly [ (a)]. The work on conflicts or appeals brought before the Internal Audit Commission related to this election will be resolved by the old Members of the Internal Audit Commission as a means to avoid any conflict of interest.

6. Final notes

The Electoral Committee and the candidates are bound to uphold the procedure in this Call. 

The Electoral Committee in accordance with the Statues and Internal Regulations, can make any additional decisions and order any additional measures pertaining to the elections not set forth in this Call, in order to guarantee the elections’ successful implementation. Any additional decision or additional measures will be communicated via email to candidates. 

In case of conflicts between this Call and the Statutes or the Internal Regulations, the Statutes and the Internal Regulations prevail, in that order.