Communications Lead (f/d)

Location and status: Flexible Location, Volunteer

Hours required: 10-20h (depending on workload)

Description of Team:

Volt Europa is a dynamic and growing political presence in Europe with ambitious plans for the European Elections in 2024.  To realise these ambitious plans, Volt Europa's message needs to reach a wider more diverse audience to facilitate conversations and connections with potential supporters. That's where the Volt Europa Communications Team come in.

The Communications Team is responsible for disseminating Volt's message to the outside world.  They work closely with the Volt Europa Board, Elected Officials from across Europe, and teams within Volt Europa, to ensure our message connects with the right supporters through the right medium.

We are looking for a female/diverse Communications Lead to help build, manage, and inspire this team to achieving its full potential!

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Build, coordinate and manage a team of Social Media Managers, Public Relations Experts, Graphic Designers, and Website Managers
  • Liaise directly with our European Parliament office and European Board to formulate effective and timely Communications
  • Ensure Volt Europa's message and brand is coherent
  • Formulate, execute, and measure Communications Campaigns
  • Build Volt Europa's presence for the European Elections
  • Build strong relationships with National Communications teams and align message across Europe
  • Recruit and interview high-value volunteer talent
  • As we are currently rebuilding the team, the leads sometimes have to roll up their sleeves to help operationally (e.g. in creating Socia Media Posts).

Experience and Skills:

  • Ability to manage, lead, and mobilise teams of volunteers working in Graphic Design, Social Media, and Public Relations
  • Fluent English
  • Strong knowledge of running campaigns and communications skills (messaging, framing, and spinning)
  • Experience working in the field of professional communications
  • Multitasking Ability and organisational skills
  • Motivation to lead a multidisciplinary team (Social Media, Media Relations, Design) in a multicultural environment

Apply Now:

Please send an email to,, and with your CV and motivation letter (max one page).

We kindly request our candidates to be members of their national chapters when applying for a leadership position at Volt Europa.